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ASPIRE! is a non-denominational, not-for-profit organization devoted to helping individuals move along the path to spiritual awakening.

ASPIRE! offers a message that is beyond conventional thinking, ideas, beliefs, religions and philosophies. Read more

My dearest friend, before you consider allowing me the honor of working with you in meditation and spiritual process, please consider the special teaching I offer here (include a link to The Path page here).

If you are willing...the teacher is here. Read more

Insight Sessions/Counseling can be very helpful and is essential to sustaining the practice of the Spirit. I can help you with this, offering phone sessions as well as face to face work.

Click here for more information about Insight Sessions/Counseling.


April 24, 2014
Listen to the light…

"You cannot ask the darkness to leave, you must turn on the light." ~Sogyal Rinpoche