July 13-19, 2014

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Gregory invites you to join him for an Open Dialogue at the Carl Cherry Center in Carmel, CA on Saturday mornings. Topics vary and are always meaningful to the process of Awakening. The next weekly live Discourse begins at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, July 19, at the Carl Cherry Center in Carmel, CA.



Meditation class will continue at the Carl Cherry Center on Monday evenings at 7: 00 pm.


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    Aspire gregory penn siraj Commentary - The Essence of You


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    Bi-Weekly Podcast



    Aspire gregory penn siraj Commentary - The Essence of You


    Did you find this Commentary, Videocast and Podcast helpful? If so, please offer a donation
    to help keep these services available to all who, like yourself, seek the Light.

    “I just wanted to thank you, Gregory, for all your work. I have been watching Aspire for a long time, look forward to hearing the podcasts…it is a true blessing, what you do. I have learned a lot and actually have reduced my anxiety and fears about the future using the techniques you present. I have been out of work for 2 years and it has been insane, loosing all the material stuff in my life, my ego has been bruised by such rejection in looking for work. Simply put, I use what you offer and though I have little money, I would gladly give it, if I had it. But I am barely scraping by at this point. I truly hope you do not make this a paid site, at least until I start working again. I listen to the podcasts and without them, I would be taking mountains of Xanax and Valium. I do appreciate all your work and believe you are genuine, not a phony…and that is attractive to me. Your work is appreciated and has helped me through this rough patch and I wanted you to know it, thats all…thank you very much.”
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    We take great care in safeguarding your personal information and will never share it with any other party.


    Bi-Weekly Commentary

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    Commentaries on an Inexplicable Life

    “Meditation brings wisdom;
    Lack of meditation leaves ignorance,
    Know well what leads you forward,
    And what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom.”


    Prarabdha Karma: The Essence of You
    Our Summer Meditation Retreat: The Direct Experience of the CUP!

    “Cherish that which is within you,
    And shut off that which is without;
    for much of knowledge is a curse.”

    Chuang Tzu

    I am honored, once again, to welcome my beloved students back to Retreat this week. It will be a week that they may well never forget. The students that will be with me have been called to this Retreat by their ancient progression in Karma. They have entered into a process that, if allowed, will free a person to realize the past Karmas that are in play that make up this present body and life circumstances. This means that we must learn how to non-think rather than emotionally think. The meditations that will be presented come from ancient origins that sustained the direct experience of the spiritual.

    We will be moving deeper into the place where we can realize the very meaning of our life here on this planet and what we are here to do with every moment that occurs. This is the direct experience we all need in order to sustain conscious living. You see my dear one, many of us do not comprehend our life Karma and, hence, keep living out of emotional impulses of fear. This causes us to “miss” what is truly occurring in our lives.

    If you could have the direct experience of what it means to step out of this illusion of worldly living with its circumstances and conditions, which you can, you would realize the weave, as I call it, of your Karma. This weave of Karma gathers and melds energies together in order to create an alchemy that we call: “our lifetime.” This amalgamation becomes our chemistry in life and typically becomes the only option we have in this world. Try as we will–nothing can keep us from our ultimate destiny–our Karma.

    Jesus faced this in the Garden of Gethsemane when he saw his own Karma and said: “If this cup may not pass unless I drink it, then so be it.” He knew what he had to face, based on the path he put himself on. Now I am not saying that we are a “Jesus,” per se, and have to be killed. But what I am saying is that we inaugurate our life with the Karma we have created on so many levels of living. WE place ourselves on the path of fate and destiny, as did Jesus. In other words, by how we live, WE MAKE IT SO.

    How we respect, or do not respect, the Karma we have causes our living to manifest the elements of energy that turn into “things” that can and cannot happen to us in this world. Some of my students make work, money and vacations more important than the Karma they came here to “drink” from. They do not realize, nor do they care to comprehend, the “cup” that will not pass from their lives. They have created a fate that will eventually become the destiny of their living.

    When I present this kind of dilemma to them and show them their own catch-22, they merely shrug their shoulders and say to me: “So what? There is nothing I can do.” Then all of the strategic reasoning comes into play, and they give me a litany of excuses as to why they are unable to practice the insights I have given to them about Karma in their lives. Soon they are ensconced in the world and all of their energies are impulse to sustaining mere survival and, of course, gratification. And as you might know, they put this ahead of being with me at Workshops and Retreats. After all…a person needs the “bread” that makes for living!

    Many of them live so poorly…energy-wise. They live as if their life only requires gratification and survival. When I ask them in session work why they live in this manner, they just look at me and say, “I don’t know.” It rarely occurs to them that they are “emotionally thinking,” which means FEARING. This fear becomes the motive and reasoning of how they will preserve and protect themselves from the fate (their cup) that they will meet in this world or another through spiritual indifference.
    Our fate occurs through our individual energies that are cultivated by every past life we have ever had and are having right now, and maturates these energies into our daily living. Our Karma IS the circumstances of daily living. Every act, every movement, creates energies that either bring us closer to the ONENESS of Love or move us further and further from our spiritual origins.

    If we become enamored by our outer circumstances, we create conditions that force our life to fall into more fear and hate. We can tell if this is happening by how we complicate our life with circumstances that prevent us from living as spiritual. Many of us on this planet live as human beings searching for the spiritual. This is simply emotional thinking at play. What we are is beyond all of this. We are the spiritual, we are the essence of Love, we are THAT! But we cannot know this until we have had that direct experience.

    Please remember that Karma is the path we follow, the only path we have in this world until we live so consciously that we can have that direct experience of Love. Love is oneness…not emotion. This is very hard for most people to truly understand. For the person who lives off emotions, the practice can never-ever threaten the sense of pride that the pedestrian mentality seeks to sustain at all costs. I have many students and people in my life that fall into this category. Hence, they never really mature into the practice of SILENCE and ONENESS.

    This week I will be introducing my students to more insights into Karma. It is very important that they imbibe the spirit of what I will be offering and not just memorize the words I use. The words I say quickly fall into philosophy with people. How a person interprets the words I utter is a direct reflection of their state of mind that has been molded around emotional greed and insecurity. So for the most part, people “listen” to me based on what they are trying to escape from within themselves. This never works.

    I have had many a student in my day quit the practice due to the fact that they were merely looking for a “cure” for themselves. They know that they are “dark” and uninterested in anything that does not touch and pleasure their skin in order to gratify and “secure” their future with money. These people always believe that they are “above” the practice and do not need it. To them, the practice is all about humiliation and earthly defeat. Humility is not inviting to them at all. It is all about pride for them.

    So let me say this to you. If you are considering an authentic spiritual practice, there are three things you need to be aware of. I say this to all my students and to the public in general. Take heed: this is the CUP that all of us must drink from.

    ONE: Be willing to mature into humility. Allow humility to bring you to your metaphoric knees in quiet submission to the state of Love that lives within you. This is a silent conquest of the ego that has driven the life you have lived in so far. This humility is a state of being that both Buddha and Jesus talked about many times in their offerings. But people like their Buddha in a garden, sitting there serenely in the plants that they have bought and placed with such pride. As far as Jesus, they like him on the cross in a poetic pose of suffering in order to cause enough guilt and shame to ratify why they are in Church in the first place. Needless to say, humility is not something that most people are much interested in.

    People want to be exalted into a gratifying grandeur of arrogant accomplishment that is to rid them of their self-doubt and personal hatred. Here is where we find either our deep sincerity or our arrogant willfulness. Churches are filled with the arrogant, and the ministers know that they need reassuring of their self-importance, and so they feed it with willful intent in all sorts of clever ways. It pays the bills.

    Here is a Zen story that my Master offered us years ago. I have never forgotten it. It so explains how a Zen Master will try to help a person of willful intent. I always laugh when I read this because a few people have placed me in this position in my day, as well.

    One man came to Ramakrishna and he had brought one thousand golden coins to present to him. Ramakrishna said, “I don’t need them, but I don’t want to hurt you either, so I will accept them.”

    He accepted the golden coins-and in those days it was a lot of money, one thousand golden coins. And then he said, “Now, I have accepted them…now these coins are mine?”

    The man said, “Yes, I have given them to you.”

    He said, “Now, take them and throw them into the Ganges”-which was flowing just behind the temple where they were sitting.

    The man was shocked, but now there was no way to refuse. They were no longer his coins; he had already given them to the Master. So he went with the coins to the Ganges…almost half an hour passed.

    Ramakrishna said, “What happened to that man? Has he jumped with the coins into the Ganges? Just the shock was so much-I had seen it in his face. Just go and look-what has happened, what he is doing, why he has not come back?”

    Somebody went there, and came back and reported, “That man is throwing the coins one by one. A crowd has gathered, and he is counting ‘one, two’…and slowly, and making the crowd bigger, and enjoying.”

    Ramakrishna went to the river and took hold of the man and he said, “What nonsense are you doing? I told you to throw the coins in the Ganges. Why are you counting?”

    The man said, “Just old habit. I have collected them one by one, counting every day: ‘Now I have this many…now I have that many’…this was my desire, to present one thousand golden coins to you.”

    Ramakrishna said, “When one is earning, counting is relevant. But when one is losing all, then throwing them one by one is sheer stupidity. Just throw them all at one time in the river and if it is too much…you jump into the river as well.”

    No humility here! The man wanted everyone to know how much he had given. I have learned long ago that I can tell the depth and the sincerity of a person’s humility by how they give. Most of my students are afraid to give. They have that miser mentality and are afraid to just “throw the coins in the river” and then walk away. They have no idea the painful Karma that they set into motion within their lives due to their fear of giving.

    I have one student who has been with me for years. I have given this person everything I can to help. The family life of this person is not beautiful. It is filled with many elements that subvert this person’s intent to be in the practice. Giving is very hard for this individual. But there is no problem in going on many vacations and outings and spending money to escape the family. It is all very interesting. When I try to help this individual I get all the “right words,” but there is rarely much follow-through in giving.

    Humility is how I give myself to this life. It is how I offer my living to help others without the intent or concern about how I will survive. In our selflessness we find the great blessing of humility–it is the meekness to understand that which the human mind cannot grasp. People who are miserly never do well in the practice. I can count how long they will last.

    TWO: SILENCE is the essence and the answer to everything in our lives. It is only through silence that we find the very essence of the spiritual. If one can sit in the silence and learn to breathe in the cadence of the Heart–much can happen. At this Retreat we will be working with not only the Heart, but also the Solar Plexus, and allowing for a certain kind of rhythm to set in. This breath exercise, along with the tones and textures of the new meditations for this Retreat, put into motion the very essence of Silence. It is in the Silence that our minds change form and, hence, serve a different kind of function. In the Silence we are a different kind of person.

    People are always adopting different kinds of philosophies and religions. I watch people try to be “correct” in all that they seek. But the CUP is still there and it must be received and taken in.

    Through the Silence we detach from emotional mind and place ourselves in the presence of compassion. This compassion is far from sympathy. This compassion is the path of authentic Love.

    Here is simple summation of the Silence in my life. I hope that it serves you well. SILENCE is the meekness that is necessary for Love.

    I am silent that I may hear,
    I am still that I may see,
    I am serene that I may be.

    THREE: REMORSE. I cannot express this state of being enough. It is the big CUP that we all must come to realize. Remorse is the medicine that heals everything in our lifetime. It is not a deep regret or guilt for a “wrong” that was committed. Only in remorse do we realize the picture of our own Karma and what we have set into motion through emotional impulse. Through the humbling energies of remorse we cultivate the potion that washes away pride and vengeance.

    In remorse we find the state of true MERCY. Through the tender hand of Mercy do we realize the depth and width of Love in this Universe. The courage it takes to truly forgive those who are judgmental of us and innately cruel is deeply important to our state of Karma. Through the lifestyle of forgiveness we come into the kindness that allows our Karma to transform into Mercy.

    When we hold people to their mistakes, thoughtlessness and deliberate efforts to harm us, we become a part of their tragedy and link ourselves to the Karma that they have. Most people fly off the handle with all of this and cause themselves deep sorrow and pain. It is so gratifying to return unkindness with more unkindness. But there is a catch 22 in all of this as we deepen our own personal sorrow through pride and vengeance.

    Kahlil Gibran once said: “You may judge others only according to your knowledge of yourself. Tell me now, who among us is guilty and who is unguilty?” None of us are. We need to quickly forgive and sustain a sense of REMORSE for the values that we live by. It is important to see these values for what they are. We are here to offer kindness in the face of hate. To express the strength of gentleness while in the grasp of violence and freedom while living amongst those who hate us.

    Remember…as I have told my students and many of you through these Commentaries…forgiveness is not a decree. Forgiveness is a lifestyle. It is the way we live with the “human” of us.
    This will be a very powerful week for all of us at the Retreat. It took many lifetimes to even get to this place where it could be presented to us. I am deeply honored.

    Pay attention! Everything presented to you is about YOU. Pay attention.

    The CUP

    “Become aware of yourself. Learn to discover yourself. Whatever the extent of your knowledge, if you do not know yourself, you can know
    nothing about the world.”

    Shosan Suzuki

    People listen and watch me on radio and YouTube, some read a Commentary or two and others come to my Workshops and Retreats. How deeply all of this moves into the attentions of a person always depends upon the willingness to drink from the CUP. What is the CUP?

    The CUP is the Karma we have created for ourselves through many, many lifetimes. Most people want a “hall pass” from their Karma. So far, I have not seen any of these issued in this world. To be willing of the CUP is to be willing to humble ourselves enough to drink in the medicine that would heal our sick self, as Kahlil Gibran talked about in his beautiful poem on Pain.

    The CUP will be presented to my students at this Retreat. It will be very important for them to come to that sacred place where they can realize so willingly that where they are in this lifetime is a result of their Karma. It seems that many of us just do not want to look at what we have been in this lifetime. How ruthless we have been in twisting the facts and the truth in order to suit our personal ideals of ourselves. But no matter how I may contort the facts of my life, Karma is in full bloom.

    We all have to meet the “maker” of our lifetime. It is not “god” or some supernatural being. The “maker” of our life in this world has to do with the Karma we have created through every act and movement of our living. Yes, everything we are and become is recorded, through energy fields as it were, like an imprint that distinguishes our exact way of life and living in this plane of the Universe. We move into lifetime after lifetime according to the energies that we unite with. Some refer to the Akashic Records, whereby the aggregation of our thoughts forms the nature of our Karma in this world. This is typically manifested through the desires we have and what we will do to “get them” fulfilled.

    Most of my students will not admit, nor can they truly realize, how ruthless they have been about their living. How everything they did was for the benefit of their emotional satisfaction and not true spiritual virtue. This causes us to live in callous methods that are unmerciful, which is very, very dangerous for the state of our Karma. In our gracelessness, we commandeer energies to sustain our emotional gratification through unconscious means of pride, vengeance and the accumulation of hatred that are so subtle that they become a part of the fabric of our daily living and thinking processes. These energies of subtle hate camouflage themselves through reason and logic and then spread like wildfire all through our daily life.

    We are consumed by our own energies and not Life’s Love. When we look at the world and believe that it is the world that is to blame for our woes, we can know that it is not the “world” but ourselves that we are seeing. The world is a mirror of our own mentality, which quickly becomes a matter of mediocrity. Few of us humans recover from this.

    At this Retreat I will offer insights, methods and gestalts to help my beloved students come out of their self-induced emotional coma and into the space of consciousness that lives in every beautiful moment of their lives. Many of the people that I serve are merely looking for an escape from the Karma that they have created (the CUP) and looking to find some way to have a “better” life. Ah, there is so much more to it.

    The real virtue of an authentic spiritual practice is to not wish for more than what is happening currently. It is about using what is happening as a way to move forward in Love. The practice is about some very simple elements of living. These components are very important to daily living and being available to our Karma in order to allow it to teach us the Way. It is all about developing intuition and living in the virtue of the Heart.

    Before I offer to you the simplicity of all of this, I have a story. It, too, is very simple. When simple becomes difficult, it is important to note that we are out of inner balance. Here is a great story about how the mind can become absolute and resolute in its confusion and willfulness. It can all appear so logical.

    A Western monk at a Buddhist monastery became frustrated by the difficulties of practice and the detailed and seemingly arbitrary rules of conduct the monks had to follow. He began to criticize other monks for sloppy practice and to doubt the wisdom of the teaching. At one point, he went to his Master and complained. The Monk noted that even the Master was inconsistent and seemed often to contradict himself in an unenlightened way.

    The Master just laughed and pointed out how much the monk was suffering by trying to judge others around him. Then he explained that his way of teaching is very simple: “It is as though I see people walking down a road I know well. To them the way may be unclear. I look up and see someone about to fall into a ditch on the right-hand side of the road, so I call out, ‘Go left, go left!’ Similarly, if I see another person about to fall into a ditch on the left, I call out, ‘Go right, go right!’

    That is the extent of my teaching. Whatever extreme you get caught in, whatever you get attached to, I say, ‘Let go of that too.’ Let go on the left, let go on the right. Come back to the center, and you will arrive at the true way.”

    It is all any teacher can do. I try to tell my beloveds that this is a very important lifetime for them and that they need to pay attention to their efforts to awaken. To never believe in the impressions of the human perception. That there is always much more to it all than the mind can present. Many of them are only moderately interested in the Way. They do not want to stray off the farm too far. They believe that living “rationally” makes them sane and safe. How wrong they are.

    Here are some elements of an authentic spiritual practice that will cause a person to live more in the Way and less sane to the human perceptions that we are so heavily invested in. Please remember that everything I do at a Retreat is there to help the student. They may not like what they need help with…but it is…what it is. ☺ It is KARMA.

    ONE: Devotion to the process of awakening out of our emotional coma. This means that I no longer allow my emotions to dictate to me what is “right” with my life and what is “wrong” with my living.

    Example: A person can believe that they know what is “right” for them based on the emotional needs (fears) that they cherish. This can be something like a person just “knowing” emotionally that what they NEED is what they believe to be “financial security” and, hence, doing everything that they can to sacrifice giving in order to attain to their self- serving goal, totally ignoring the Karma they came into this world with. We are here to recognize our Karma and then to follow it, no matter where it inwardly leads us. Typically this is to some place of great remorse, which to the pedestrian mentality looks very unsavory.

    Characteristically, I find that these people have huge holes within themselves that they try to fill with money, drugs, pot and alcohol. This will cause their “living” to be unkind and ruthless. They “give” only what they pay for. Do you understand what I mean? They never truly give, they merely “pay” for how they seem to give, but there is no gift in their giving. There is no compassion or even simple gratitude for the sake of being able to give a GIFT. Everything serves the purpose of their FEAR OF LACK.

    Conclusion: I have never met anyone in this world who was unable to give, due to greed and insecurity, who was also willing and able to truly forgive. Giving and forgiving are a matter of oneness and have much to do with our mischief in Karma. This is vital.

    TWO: Devotion to the state of HUMILITY. What is humility? It is the essence of stepping out of the box of mediocre mind. It the way we look at everything based in the perception of self-grandeur or self-lessness.

    Example: Instead of thinking of “myself” in any given situation and what is “best” for me–I step back and realize one simple insight: WHAT IS IT ABOUT ME (KARMA) that makes all of this possible? If I do not know or cannot see it beyond my personal perceptions…I take the low ground and simply watch without the ego and emotional mind taking over.

    I just watch. No assumption and no judgment. Just pure observation into the situation and allowing it to reveal the authentic facts and then the Truth of what is happening. So someone is telling me of some mistake I have made and revealing to me a symptom of my arrogance. Instead of being angry with them for this–I watch without shame and guilt what is occurring within the emotions that I hold. Of course if I have been diligent, I have developed this ability through meditation and, hence, find it easy to just observe. I realize that it is not personal and, hence, watch until I “get it.”

    Conclusion: If I am able to do this without being scattered into a million fragments of personal hate and fear–I will find that only Love is possible when I am simple and willing to be forgiven. I will, of course, ask for forgiveness. If I receive it…good, if not…good! It is all good! The ego will twist and turn like a demon within…but that is what it is and I must see how I have willfully fed it all my life. With this as insight, not insult, I learn to cut its emotional meals down and down, until it is finished…if you know what I mean. Soon I learn that humiliation through humility is the way of learning the Way!

    THREE: Devotion to the loving state of MERCY. Mercy replaces the ruthlessness of the ego. This is so deeply important to our Karma and learning how to listen to it, watch it and act upon more loving ways.

    Example: Let us say that I am with someone who is unkind and ruthless in their ways. We would call them impulsive. Mercy occurs when I see them for what they are through what they struggle with. I do not try to “correct” them or make them “better.” I simply show them the patience that is necessary to help them. Patience replaces pride. In mercy, I am consistent with being kind, giving and forgiving no matter what is going on around me with this person. Consistency with patience was learned through the practice of meditation with myself and, hence, I am able to change the character of myself through compassion for another.

    Conclusion: I have long learned that it is important to live with people in Mercy. When a person no longer has to ask me to forgive them or help them…then I can know deep within that MERCY is beginning to mature and grow within me. People “get” the feel of it before they can think about it. Hence, MERCY has become the ebb and flow of Love within. This is something that the emotional mind can never understand.

    Well, there ya are! Our Retreat will be a doozy, I would say. Every moment of everything we do…at this Retreat will change the way we live in every moment of our life. We each have a CUP to drink from…and I will be talking about this more and more as we move on in this process. I am deeply honored that the people that will be there…could hear the “call” and come to empty their CUP and live more gracefully.

    Enough of me for today. ..please forgive me.
    Metta to you,
    Swami Chaitanya Siraj
    (Gregory Penn)
    Copyright 2014, Gregory E. Penn. All rights reserved.




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    It is very moving and touching to me and fills me with the energy to live the spiritual life when so much is going the other direction. Namaste…your humble student,”



    July 19, 2014 – Live Discourse With Gregory

    Saturday – 9:30-10:00 a.m.
    Carl Cherry Center – 4th & Guadalupe – Carmel, CA

    Gregory invites you to join him for an Open Dialogue at the Carl Cherry Center in Carmel, CA on Saturday morning. Topics vary and are always meaningful to the process of Awakening.

    The Carl Cherry Center is located on the corner of 4th and Guadeloupe in Carmel. While there is no formal charge for these Dialogues, a suggested love offering of $20 per person is recommended, as a guideline. Your donations will be used to support the Carl Cherry Center.


    New Meditations

    JULY-AUGUST 2014

    Sacred Silence
    The following Meditations will be offered at Mt. Madonna this summer for a specific purpose: to open up the deep perception that we all have to become mindful. Mindfulness allows for spiritual insight…a way to “take in” the bigger picture beyond the mere thinking process. These Meditations offer the student the ability to insight Karma and how the Way is presented through compassion, forgiveness and loving intent.

    If you are not able to be with us for this beautiful Retreat…you may order your Meditations and the beautiful ambient tones that accompany these Meditations now.

    Aspire gregory penn siraj Sacred Spaces meditationSACRED SPACES
    The focus of this Meditation is the Energy Body that emits from the Spiritual Body! The Chakras will be enhanced through breath patterns and tones that set the course for dropping the emotions that make the mind think.

    Click arrow below to listen to a sample

    Donation for CD = $25.00

    Aspire gregory penn siraj Silence in Tone MeditationSILENCE IN TONE
    Here we immerse ourselves in the ebb and flow of tones that awaken the Heart and bring forth the wisdom of Love. The pulsating tones and rhythms along with the breath patterns are deeply moving.

    Click arrow below to listen to a sample

    Donation for CD = $25.00

    Aspire gregory penn siraj Chords Of Silence meditationCHORDS OF SILENCE
    There are certain tones and chords that can awaken ancient states of consciousness. They awaken consciousness within us and allow us to assert the Energy Body throughout our practice and eventually, if respected, into our daily life.

    Click arrow below to listen to a sample

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    Aspire gregory penn siraj Ambient Tones for Sacred SilenceAMBIENT TONES FOR SACRED SILENCE
    All of the tones that are used to stimulate the awakening of the Spiritual Body are offered in this beautiful music. It is to be played in the background of your home 24/7 at a very low volume. These tones will SUPPORT your daily meditation practice through the unconscious.

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    Aspire Gregory Penn Siraj Meditations For Sacred Silence Set & Ambient Tones MusicSACRED SILENCE SET
    Set includes:

  • Sacred Spaces Meditation
  • Silence In Tone Meditation
  • Chords of Silence Meditation
  • Ambient Music for Sacred Silence

  • Donation for 4-CD Set = $100.00


    July 2014 Breath Journal

    Aspire Gregory Penn Siraj July 2014 Breath Journal NewsletterJULY 2014 BREATH JOURNAL

    We live in all the moments of our many lives. Everything that we have ever done in
    our lifetimes comes to form in our daily living in so many different ways. How we lived yesterday forms the tomorrows that eventually become our today. If we can learn to be compassionate and merciful with our lives and ourselves in this world, we change the way we live in our moment to moment existence.

    Donation for July 2014 Newsletter = $25.00


    Breath a journal of transcendence aspire newsletter gregory penn siraj free sample


    Pre-Madonna Workshop

    July 20, 2014 – Mt. Madonna, CA

    If you are joining us for the Retreat at Mt Madonna and would like to work with Siraj in process as a “pre-retreat experience,” you are most welcome to join us. We begin the Pre-Madonna Workshop at 9:00 a.m. and lunch will be provided during the day. The donation for this experience is $85.00 (parts of this donation are tax deductible). You will be sent a receipt for your income taxes. *Due to the financial commitment required to plan events of this size, please ensure that you are prepared to attend this Workshop before registering as all donations for Workshops must be prepaid and are non-refundable for any reason.

    (Note: If you will be joining us for the Mt Madonna Retreat but will not be coming to the Pre-Madonna Workshop, please meet us in the evening at 6:30 p.m.)

    Reservation Donation for Pre-Madonna Workshop on July 20, 2014 = $85


    Meditation Retreat – July 20-25, 2014

    Aspire Mt Madonna RetreatMEDITATION RETREAT
    July 20-25, 2014 – Mt Madonna

    It is deeply important to become aware of our Karma and allow it to flow into and throughout our lifetime without regard to preferences. Through the new Meditations that will be offered you will have the blessing becoming clear about your Karma as well as learning how to live with it as you once did with gratification and desire.

    This will require a great deal of maturity on the part of the student. We are working with something here that many people find difficult to understand based on the premise of living as Love rather than for being “loved.” This powerful Retreat will offer a depth of transformational work, through gestalt therapy and Meditations, that opens up places within a person that have never been ALLOWED to be revealed. This Retreat is for the diligent and brave.

    It is of no use to simply apply logic and reasoning to philosophy. This only enacts the ego to bring its effects into our daily lives. Only through the progression of transformational Meditations and the insights they bring do we mature into the nature of this Life. Karma is here to help…not hurt.

    There is preparation work to do before the Retreat, therefore it is imperative that you attend either the Encinitas Workshop in May or the Northern California Workshop in July. Please go to the Workshops page for more information.

    This is a rare privilege to work upon the very meaning of your life.

    Aspire Mt Madonna Summer 2014 Accommodations Registration FormTo register for this Retreat, please print and complete the Registration Form to the left and send to Carolyn Mollohan at the following address (a non-refundable deposit of $100* is required to register):

    Carolyn Mollohan
    203 Charleen Circle
    Carlsbad, CA 92008

    *Due to the financial commitment required to plan events of this size, please ensure that you are prepared to attend this Retreat before registering as all donations for Retreats must be prepaid and are non-refundable for any reason.

    “Someday…I, too, want to sit for a week with Gregory. His words have been whispering into my heart for over 22 years. Much gratitude for the YouTube programs and his endless devotion to us, his students, who can download him and take him with us where ever we go! My soul is lighter and joyful when I use the Tibetan Pulsing meditations. If you cannot get to Retreat, definitely get the Meditations. They are exceptional! Namaste…”
    Susan – Placerville, CA



    Meditation Workshop – September 27, 2014

    Living as Karma Meditation Workshop September 27 2014 - Aspire Gregory Penn SirajLIVING AS KARMA
    September 27, 2014 – Encinitas, CA

    This Workshop will help those of you who are coming to Mt. Madonna this November. For those not coming…this Workshop will help you come into a most loving place with your life and allow you to understand the freedom of Love. We will be working on how to Live as our Karma. We will delve into the emotions that undermine our entire life and how to let them go in order to sustain insight and compassion. Two new Tibetan Pulsing Meditations will be offered as well as the ambient tones that correlate to these beautiful Meditations. You will find the offerings in this Workshop very important and beautiful.

    This Workshop is a necessity if you are planning to join us for the November 2014 Retreat at Mt. Madonna.

    We meet at the Encinitas Community Center in Encinitas, CA – you are invited to join us. The tax deductible donation for this Workshop is $185 per person. This donation includes your lunch for the day. Upon registration, you will be sent a receipt for your income taxes. *Due to the financial commitment required to plan events of this size, please ensure that you are prepared to attend this Workshop before registering as all donations for Workshops must be prepaid and are non-refundable for any reason.

    Reservation Donation for Encinitas Workshop on September 27, 2013 = $185