Logic And Reasoning

Logic And Reasoning

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be ~Lao-tzu

Only through kindness, real compassion that dawns in consciousness, do we truly know what and how to give. Most people leave this to the emotions and only give in the fear of feeling another person’s grief by putting themselves emotionally in these predicaments through their imaginations and thinking about how they would feel if they were in these perilous positions of Karma. Hence, we give out of fear and guilt–this is unintelligent. True intelligence is a matter of consciousness. We, as the public, are easily manipulated by the human suffering that we would not want to face in our own lives. This is pity, and not compassion. Giving in this way only creates more Karma for ourselves, because our true intent is still selfishness.

Many of us can only give when we feel all emotional. I have had many people in my life that would rather give to a political party than give to Aspire. Why? They really believe that politics can and will make for a better life. It is all emotional and about self-righteousness. I will not go down this cul-de-sac of foolishness, but it makes my point. A fool and his money are easily parted–I believe the ol’ adage goes.

What is never realized is that when we give money to an organization, we become the recipient of the Karma that is the nature of that organization as a POD. A POD is a self-contained state whereby we accept and internalize the energies of that POD, and hence live in its wake. You might want to believe that you are a real “individual,” but I could show you that this may not be true. To be an “individual” a person must be by definition: single, separate and unusual in character. An “individual” is distinct from a group, class and/or family. Can you say that you are all of this?

Many people try to rationalize all of this, but the facts are that most of us seek to “belong” and cannot be individuals. We want to belong to family, friends and a class of people who we believe are above average. Oh, so foolish. I once belonged to an Ashram and the unique aspect of it all was that this place allowed for total individuality in the context of being a collage of sorts. The Ashram was a collage of people who were individuals seeking union with the oneness of Love through the discipline of spiritual insight. It was, and is, so beautiful. It all lives within me now and I revel in it.

Our issue is that we suffer from the logic and reasoning of an emotionality that causes us to live absent of Love. To truly achieve consciousness, we must be willing to put aside our emotions for the sake of STILLNESS and SILENCE. Meditation reveals the power of SILENCE when we are willing to live in STILLNESS. For it is in our STILLNESS that we find the Heart of the Being that we truly are.

Learning how to change the lifestyle that you live, from willful desires to mercy and compassion, will sustain your meditations and offer you the sweet state of consciousness. It is in this deep inner state that we move from silence into this world and find that our “doing” is really a “non-doing” and just how meaningful this is.

When the meaning of your life exceeds the power you seek over your life, you will find yourself ready for Love.

Excerpt from the Commentary entitled: Karmaphala Karma – Hardness Of Heart

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