the illusion of happiness

The Illusion Of Happiness

True happiness is achieved through consciousness, not emotionality. ~ Siraj

Through 40+ years of teaching I have found that our sorrows, as humans, are all about the unlived life we have become indifferent to. Most people are looking for something that does not exist! A perfect life, or a “stellar life,” as one of my students once put it. This delusion is basically about being emotionally occupied through a lifetime of various indulgences that are designed to eclipse their painful childhoods by mindlessly complying with their emotionality.

They believe, through the state of their emotionality, that there is a way to beat pain, sorrow and the Karma that they have created in so many past lives as well as in this world. The manner and method they so willfully use is through side paths that they believe make total sense. They risk their entire life to obsession, compulsion and emotional appeasement, which they are completely willing to succumb to in order to be what they call “happy.”

There are so many methods to miss the Way. It is not difficult to do. ~ Siraj

It always amazes me how people can come into a practice such as the one I present and simply ignore how deeply important it is to realize the emotional anger that they have accumulated. This anger is postured and proportioned to keep them from imbibing the energies that would offer them the “direct experience” of Love that lives within. They are filled with Love, but live as if their lives were just about managing their thoughts in order to achieve survival and emotional satisfaction.

Humility is essential to meditation and an authentic spiritual practice. Most people fail this test and, hence, become very angry with the messenger (due to pride) and do not consider the importance of the message itself as more important than its conveyance. This is what makes people pedestrian (putting hubris ahead of meekness)…these people become unavailable for the direct experience of Love.

Meditation means putting all distractions aside for the sake of a practice that brings us to the Way. But most people are simply looking for solutions to their lives that they cannot apply to themselves. Catharsis is about seeing this impasse and learning how to deal with it before one sits down to meditate.

The emptier a person is of their emotional venom, the more profound meditation can be. ~ Siraj

What most people do in meditation is putter around in their psyches looking for emotional feedback or payoff, and hence their meditation is more about contemplation rather than sincere meditation.

No one can meditate when they are preoccupied with emotionality. Meditation is about moving out of the typical mind set of fear and into the presence of a tranquility that offers us energies that cannot be found in our basic psychology that is totally consumed by human survival. Philosophy about meditation or strategies that facilitate acquiring accoutrements of seeming happiness must be realized as delusions of our emotional nature.

Catharsis, if practiced with compassion and the essence of self-realization, brings us to the fact of our ultimate futility. If you ever wondered why we have such a hard and routine life that is lived in the arduousness of repetitive difficulties, it is because we have not fully realized the futility of our efforts to be happy due to our worldly life.

Most people cannot overcome the illusion that happiness, through the world, is possible. It is not.

Catharsis reveals the futility of seeking happiness through emotionality. In realizing that our efforts in this world for the sake of fulfilling genetic affection (what most people call “love”) have been fruitless and that all we have truly been doing here is living in a mechanical knee-jerk reaction to emotional stimulus, an awakening of sorts occurs within us. It is here that we find the authentic truth of our life and…the road really less traveled.

We are not here to be “happy,” we are here to awaken to what makes us truly happy - rather than trying to find solutions to human dilemmas, seek a way out of the delirium of human desire

Simply observe your state of anger that runs rogue in your daily life - and mindfully...change the way you see your anger are not the body, you are not the mind and you are not the emotionality!

Surrender to the Noble Heart of Love...and know the absolute truth: you are a Noble Being

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    I am not him.
    Thank you.

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    Thank you …. love ~

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    Posted at 05:43h, 13 October Reply

    Surrender to Love…..
    Thank you for your beauty filled insight.

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    In gratitude of your unending effort, generosity, and insight.

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    Posted at 09:23h, 31 October Reply

    Very inspiring blog.
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