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2017 Donation for Year End


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Make your tax deductible 2017 donation for year end NOW!

Our Mystery Donor will MATCH ALL GIFTS made to Aspire now thru January 2, 2017, which multiplies your support to be of even greater help. A gift of $25 will become $50, a gift of $50 becomes $100…and so on. Please honor his generosity by offering your own.

With so the many distractions in this world, sustaining Aspire has become more difficult than ever. Aspire serves thousands of people worldwide via the Internet who come to watch, read and listen to its insights through Aspire TV programs, Satsang Radio Programs and Commentaries, Podcasts and Videocasts.

It is only through your tax deductible gifts that Aspire is allowed to serve humankind. I hope that you have found Aspire helpful in your own life this year and will help us to continue. Aspire has had a few set-backs this year, which makes your support more crucial than ever. Our computers are 8 years old and need to be replaced. Our new program series, The Heart Sutra, has been delayed as the CD burner is also 8 years old and needs replacement. Your tax deductible gifts are needed to help us replace this crucial equipment.

Every week I work with the dying through Hospice, seeking to offer insight and the blessing of Love to those who are leaving their bodies. There are so many now. This can only happen through the generosity of your Year End Gifts and those who become Aspire Sponsors – visionaries who understand what I seek to offer in this world.

Thank you for your understanding and support.
In Love and service to you,
Chaitanya Siraj
Gregory Penn, DD


“Gregory, I have been following Aspire since about 1990. I have been reading your Sweet No-thing every day. One thing you taught me is letting go, that was one of the hardest thing to do. I grew up in Japan as a child, my dad was in the Navy. When I was 19, I spent a year on a remote island off Okinawa called Kuma Jima. In all my years I realize that life is about knowing not believing. Without your teachings I would never have found myself. I just wanted to thank you.”
Bryan – Japan

“I want to thank you for Aspire. The Meditations and Discourses feed my soul. With your program I am able to go at my own pace and not make forced changes but allow the changes to come naturally. From personal experience I can appreciate your hard work and dedication to your vision, Aspire. For this I will forever be thankful.”
Cathy – San Diego, CA

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