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Aspire Unplugged Donation


Conversations with a Teacher of the Authentic


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Thank you for all who helped to make this lasting gift of Love possible. It will continue serve humankind along the Path to spiritual awakening for generations to come.


As a lasting gift of Love in the twilight of a lifetime deeply devoted to serving humankind along the path to spiritual awakening, Siraj will offer one final very unique Aspire TV series – Aspire Unplugged.

There has never been a more important time to offer this final 8-program series. The topics are eternal with timely final insights that must be shared with today’s world that so desperately needs Loving insight and prophetic Love.

Due to their timeless insights, all Aspire TV programs remain relevant to the state of the Authentic Heart.

“Dear Gregory, I have been listening to you and watching your program since I was approximately 6 years old. I am now 38 years old and I just wanted to send you a heartfelt thank you for all your many years of service and wisdom and divinity. Your teachings have been an ever-present comfort to me, and in my best and also most difficult times I reach for your show and teachings. You have been my spiritual teacher and guide and the lessons from you are unparalleled in my mind. Not to compare, but just to say how quality your offerings are, in a world of money-makers and charlatans, it’s quite lifesaving for somebody like you to demonstrate walking the talk. I am in the healing arts myself and from this perspective I have come to understand the lack of glory and recognition one receives for their sacrifices on behalf of the whole. So for what it’s worth I wanted to recognize and thank you…and tell you I love you. I honestly can’t thank you enough and you have very much helped shape my life. Thank you for spreading the love and light.”

~ Aimee, California

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