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Aspire Unplugged Donation

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Conversations with a Teacher of the Authentic


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All good things must come to an end…

As a lasting gift of Love in the twilight of a lifetime deeply devoted to serving humankind along the path to spiritual awakening, Siraj will offer one final very unique Aspire TV series.

Research and viewer statistics from other Aspire programs have shown that most viewers prefer shorter programs.

So Aspire Unplugged will be an interview style Q&A with Siraj (Gregory Penn) about his career and experience as a spiritual teacher and counselor. These new programs will be a series of 10-minute segments, including historical footage and photos from 33+ years of Aspire TV, interviews with long-time devotees and beautiful new scenic visuals.


Siraj welcomes your input and is deeply interested in the questions you wish to have answered. Please use the button below to email your questions to Siraj to be considered for inclusion in the Aspire Unplugged TV Series.



We’ve made it simple to split your donation into 4 monthly increments rather than sending your gift as a single payment.


$25/month for 4 months = $100 gift
$50/month for 4 months = $200 gift

Choose from 10 different options.

“Dearest Siraj,

It broke my human heart to read the email you sent about the last Aspire TV series…my catharsis for the day. I know time is short and you have only so much energy. I am so very grateful that you devote so much of that energy to your students. But as I write this, I have tears streaming down my cheeks for “all good things….” Ah, impermanence.

I have the deepest gratitude to you my dear teacher, for the incredible body of work you have done in the form of Aspire TV Programs. They are certainly a testament to a most artful form of teaching in both form and content. As you say, life is so very kind to us, your students, and they are much more than it seems “we deserve” to receive from your lifetime of devotion. I found you through those programs, as I’m sure many did, and it was the biggest gift, the single biggest influence over my entire lifetime. I cherish you, your work, the group, and the insight, generosity and kindness you have shared with me. You undoubtedly changed my life.

I realize how difficult it is to gain support (in every way, including financial) for this kind of work now, so I understand why it must come to a graceful ending (although it doesn’t stop my tears). I would like to give $200 to start my support of this last, dearest effort.

In deepest humility for all you give…and with my deepest Love for you.”
Sangit, California

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