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Heart Sutra – New Aspire Program Series


Help Aspire give this beautiful new program series to the world


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The Heart Sutra (The Heart of the Perfection of Wisdom) is the highest vision of the Buddha and is the most misunderstood of his teachings. The insights within the Heart Sutra are both penetrating and subtle…transcendent wisdom offering freedom from fear, misperception and suffering.

the perfection of wisdom, the ultimate truth

Gregory has set the ground work to produce a new Aspire Program Series revealing the Heart Sutra in a new way that has never been offered. But The past 12-18 months have presented extreme financial challenges for Aspire. These equipment challenges, including the technical services to install them, resulted in over $50,000 of costs to Aspire. As a non-profit organization, this amount of unexpected expenditures could not be met without redirecting the funds from the Heart Sutra production budget to help cover the cost.

We must now begin replenishing the funds necessary to produce this unique and essential new Aspire TV Program Series, The Heart Sutra. The total required is $22,000 and if we can raise the first half, our unconscionably generous Mystery Donor will help us meet our goal!

Help Aspire bring this blessed message of Love to the world…and to YOU!

With the ongoing economic recession that has hit nonprofits particularly hard as well as the high costs to replace crucial operating equipment, raising the funds to create this essential new program series has been more challenging than ever.

Every penny donated goes to cover production costs – Gregory receives no renumeration for creating this program series, he gives it freely from his Heart…to yours.

follow your Heart…GIVE TODAY

Please help Aspire produce the new program series, Heart Sutra, to present its’ profound and beautiful insights to the world. This Sutra is deeply subtle, conveying the heart essence of perfect wisdom and its words, if allowed, will make their home in the Heart as understanding unfolds through practice.

Metta to you,

“Thank you. I look forward to your new series as I look forward to your Commentaries. I enjoy my time in the morning reading your insights. Thank you for all that you do.”
Darin – California

“Your consistent and persistent energy, insight and talent continues to enable me to WAKE UP. I hope you realize how much you’re helping us see the true nature of our minds.”
Carol – California

“We watch your show every Sunday morning and you inspire and enlighten us to follow our dreams and learn to Love. Thank you.”
Melissa – California

“I am inexplicably happy to see that your programs are now on YouTube, I watch and learn from them nearly every day. I spend my lunch hour at work listening to you and am very inspired by your area of Carmel and especially Big Sir where some of the TV programs were filmed – so beautiful! I want to say THANK YOU for not ever giving up on all of us and giving of your heart to the sometime lost souls of the world, we need you so badly.”
Renee – Iowa

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