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June 2018 Discourses – Relationships


Relationships as points of transcendence


We live in all sorts of relationships. Some that are difficult and some that may seem to be easy. But our relationships are very important, and how we recognize them as points of transcendence is the essence of it all in this world. These Discourses offer some very important insights to help you with your relationships in this world.

What Is Authentic Relationship?
What is the meaning of Relationship? What are we truly involved in when we realize the meaning of it?

What I Put You Through To Love Me
Pride and selfishness reign supreme in our lives. What we put our lovers through is humbling…in order to
“love “ us.

Our Relationship With The World
We have a huge relationship with this world and the earth that we are living on. This relationship defines our lifetime.

The Relationship Of Transcendence
Transcendence is a relationship with nothing that the mind can think. Then what is it?

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