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To make Love possible…

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Please listen deeply to these Discourses as they are setting the stage for developing “horsepower” in your spiritual practice. You must renounce all superficiality, all convention, all vanity and all delusion.

No Place To Lay Your Head
This Discourse will be so very important for you to hear, as it sets the stage for developing “horsepower” in your practice.

Let The Dead Bury The Dead
There are no words for this one, you will just have to hear this Discourse to understand the meaning of what it is to put what is first in our life…FIRST!

Looking Back
There are many things that we need to give up in order to move forward into the state of consciousness that is Love.

The willingness To Forsake All
As we mature into consciousness we realize that what we are giving up…is not as important as we once thought.

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