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The Meaning Of Life


Learning how to understand the language of Beingness

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Finding the meaning of your life is the blessing of your existence. Learning how to understand the language of Beingness is what our effort is all about in this world. How we listen to the Silence and how we allow it to bring deep beauty into our daily life is what the following offerings are all about. Listen with mercy in your soul.

What Is Meaning?
What do we mean by the word “meaning” and how does it translate to inner awakening? Gregory will help you.

What Karma Must Be Realized?
Living to realize the beauty of life, our Karma, no matter how difficult it may seem to be in our worldly life.

Living in States of Inner Transformation
Learning how to deal with inner states of Transformation means there are certain inner sacrifices that we must make.

Gregory concludes this Discourse series with what it means to Transform.

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