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Meditation Workshop – March 11, 2023


Bring the Light of Consciousness into your livingness


March 11, 2023 – Pacific Grove, CA

Siraj will present the manor of the Spirit that allows for the Light of Love to envelop your entire lifetime with a new perspective. You will be offered methods and Meditations that will bring the Light of Consciousness into your livingness. This changes everything about how to transcend the human condition that most people live as and from. This Workshop will be a precursor to our March Retreat entitled: Following The Light.

We meet at the Center For Spiritual Awakening located at 522 Central Avenue in Pacific Grove, CA. The Center provides very comfortable chairs that are well suited for sitting quietly in meditation – so there is no need to bring your own chair unless you prefer to do so.

We begin the Workshop at 9:30 am, lunch will be provided during the day and we end at 3:00 pm. The donation for this experience is $125 (a portion of this donation is tax deductible). This donation includes your lunch for the day. Upon registration, you will be sent a receipt for income taxes.

*Due to the financial commitment required to plan events of this size, please ensure that you are prepared to attend this Workshop before registering as all donations for Workshops must be prepaid and are non-refundable for any reason.

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