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TaMo 4-5 Meditation Set


Experience the essence of your being

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TaMo is an interesting word…it means to tickle or to poke. These Meditations, when combined with the Ambient Tones, resonate through the root to the third eye. As you begin cycling the breath up through the chakras, energies mingle and expand within to begin the process of awakening the energy body.

TaMo 4 Meditation
In this Meditation, you will be breathing from the root to the third eye chakra, then allowing the breath to dissipate like rain, allowing the kundalini to rise.

TaMo 5 Meditation
With this Meditation, you enter into a new phase of inner work. You will be breathing from the heart to the crown chakra, then releasing completely through the crown chakra. You will begin to feel the resonation of a subtle energy that you have now become available for…the essence of your being.

Ambient Tones For TaMo 4-5
The tones and sounds in this ambient music compilation are a combination of all of the tones in the TaMo 4-5 Meditations. This music is to be played in the background of your life and sustains the feel of these Meditations when you are not sitting formally.

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