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TaMo 1-3 Meditation Set


A powerful experience of beauty, of awakening

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TaMo is an interesting word…it means to tickle or to poke. These Meditations, when combined with the Ambient Tones, resonate through the throat, third eye and crown chakras bringing a very powerful experience of beauty, of awakening.

TaMo 1 Meditation
In this Meditation, you will be breathing from the throat chakra to the crown chakra, then allowing the breath to dissipate like rain…showering back into the crown chakra. You will sense beautiful movements within you of compassion and Love…a sense of bliss will touch your life and allow the kundalini to rise.

TaMo 2 Meditation
The significance of the third eye is not to be underestimated, it has so many valuable awakening points within its energy. It helps to help heal the mental illness of the collective unconscious within you. This Meditation includes breath work from the third eye to the crown chakra, bringing a peace that goes beyond the concept of the world. It allows for the development of consciousness. Simple, but powerful…it helps to awaken your crown chakra as the source of the universe by feeding it with the energy of the third eye.

TaMo 3 Meditation
In this Meditation you will be breathing into the crown chakra – the part of you that is connected to the All, the Everything. By breathing into the crown chakra you begin to enhance it, helping it grow larger to the point where it envelopes you, bringing you to maturity. There is a language that Life speaks that has nothing to do with sentences or syntax, grammar or spelling. It is the intuitive touch, the inexplicable…and it brings with it an understanding that can come from no other place in this universe.

Ambient Tones For TaMo 1-3
The tones and sounds in this ambient music compilation are a combination of all of the tones in the TaMo 1-3 Meditations. This music is to be played in the background of your life and sustains the feel of these Meditations when you are not sitting formally.

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