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Tummo 1-2 Exercise Meditation Set


Continued transformation thru kundalini rising to the crown

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Tummo 1 Exercise Meditation
Breathe into the Hari and allow the breath to transform the inner landscape of your Being to that of spiritual awakening. Anyone can practice these meditations. When applied with diligence and consistency, energy will awaken and rise to the crown.

Tummo 2 Exercise Meditation
Within this Meditation, you will find the beginnings of Kundalini warming your spine and begin the process of rising to the crown chakra. Simply follow the breath and tones.

Ambient Tones For Tummo 1-2 Exercises
The tones and sounds in this ambient music compilation are a combination of all of the tones in the Tummo 1 & 2 Exercise Meditations. This music is to be played in the background of your life and sustains the feel of these Meditations when you are not sitting formally.

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