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February 2017 Discourses – Unrequited Love


Healing through the spiritual Heart


Unrequited Love – Mystical Mystique
What is unrequited Love? Why does it have such an effect upon men and women? Gregory offers insight into this phenomenon that affects not only people in general, but the world as a whole. These Discourses provide more than insight…they give clarity.

The Human Heart
What is the human heart and how and why does it work the way it has for all these many lifetimes?

Unrequited Love
This emotionality is a genetic form of emotions that serve to create jealousy, pride and vanity.

It is through desire, as the Buddha taught, that we realize many illnesses within us.

Healing Through The Heart
Gregory will help you heal of all of this through the spiritual Heart. This is an absolutely essential Discourse.

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