Beloved Friends…..


This video offers a brief, wonderful Zen story crafted especially for you with unique. original artwork by artist, Gloria Shaw. The entire video will take only 10 minutes of your time. It is my annual gift to you.

As you well know, sustaining Aspire is not easy given the many distractions in this world that lead to the side paths people take. This year has been especially dire and distracting due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation.

Aspire serves thousands of people worldwide via the Internet who come to watch, read and listen to its insights through TV, Radio, Aspire’s Insight Blog and Commentaries, Podcasts and Videocasts.

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Additionally, I have offered my lifetime in service to those who are dying in Hospice. Every week I work with the dying, seeking to offer insight and the blessing of Love to those who are leaving their bodies. This can only happen through the generosity of your Year End Gifts and our Aspire Sponsors – visionaries who understand what I seek to offer in this world.

Your gifts transform lives. ~Siraj

Aspire makes available the direct experience of Love and has been a beacon of authentic spiritual insight for over 30 years. Your gifts matter to many people whom you may never meet. Your gifts become the measure of your Karma and your own Loving Heart.

Our Mystery Donor will MATCH ALL GIFTS made to Aspire now thru January 8, 2021. A gift of $25 becomes $50, a gift of $50 becomes $100…and so on.  The generosity of the Mystery Donor keeps Aspire viable through the difficult months of the year when donations are sparse. Without him, Aspire will end. Please honor his generosity by offering your own.

The Thief

Please help – without you, I can do nothing to serve this world. All donations and monthly, quarterly or annual Sponsorships are deeply appreciated – simply click either button to offer your gift in either form you wish.

All donations and Sponsorships for Aspire are tax-deductible under Section 501(c)(3) of the US federal tax code
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You are my breath in this work. Know that I am grateful to you for all you have given and for the blessing of your grace and generosity that flows into this world through Aspire.

Please forgive me…
Chaitanya Siraj
Gregory Penn, DD