July 13-19, 2014

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Aspire Radio Program with host Gregory Penn SirajASPIRE RADIO PROGRAM
Hosted by Gregory Penn. New programs are added twice weekly. All current and past programs are available on this website – click here to listen to the Aspire Radio Program.


Gregory invites you to join him for an Open Dialogue at the Carl Cherry Center in Carmel, CA on Saturday mornings. Topics vary and are always meaningful to the process of Awakening. The next weekly live Discourse begins at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, July 19, at the Carl Cherry Center in Carmel, CA.



Meditation class will continue at the Carl Cherry Center on Monday evenings at 7: 00 pm.


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    July 19, 2014 – Live Discourse With Gregory

    Saturday – 9:30-10:00 a.m.
    Carl Cherry Center – 4th & Guadalupe – Carmel, CA

    Gregory invites you to join him for an Open Dialogue at the Carl Cherry Center in Carmel, CA on Saturday morning. Topics vary and are always meaningful to the process of Awakening.

    The Carl Cherry Center is located on the corner of 4th and Guadeloupe in Carmel. While there is no formal charge for these Dialogues, a suggested love offering of $20 per person is recommended, as a guideline. Your donations will be used to support the Carl Cherry Center.


    New Meditations

    JULY-AUGUST 2014

    Sacred Silence
    The following Meditations will be offered at Mt. Madonna this summer for a specific purpose: to open up the deep perception that we all have to become mindful. Mindfulness allows for spiritual insight…a way to “take in” the bigger picture beyond the mere thinking process. These Meditations offer the student the ability to insight Karma and how the Way is presented through compassion, forgiveness and loving intent.

    If you are not able to be with us for this beautiful Retreat…you may order your Meditations and the beautiful ambient tones that accompany these Meditations now.

    Aspire gregory penn siraj Sacred Spaces meditationSACRED SPACES
    The focus of this Meditation is the Energy Body that emits from the Spiritual Body! The Chakras will be enhanced through breath patterns and tones that set the course for dropping the emotions that make the mind think.

    Click arrow below to listen to a sample

    Donation for CD = $25.00

    Aspire gregory penn siraj Silence in Tone MeditationSILENCE IN TONE
    Here we immerse ourselves in the ebb and flow of tones that awaken the Heart and bring forth the wisdom of Love. The pulsating tones and rhythms along with the breath patterns are deeply moving.

    Click arrow below to listen to a sample

    Donation for CD = $25.00

    Aspire gregory penn siraj Chords Of Silence meditationCHORDS OF SILENCE
    There are certain tones and chords that can awaken ancient states of consciousness. They awaken consciousness within us and allow us to assert the Energy Body throughout our practice and eventually, if respected, into our daily life.

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    Donation for CD = $25.00

    Aspire gregory penn siraj Ambient Tones for Sacred SilenceAMBIENT TONES FOR SACRED SILENCE
    All of the tones that are used to stimulate the awakening of the Spiritual Body are offered in this beautiful music. It is to be played in the background of your home 24/7 at a very low volume. These tones will SUPPORT your daily meditation practice through the unconscious.

    Click arrow below to listen to a sample

    Donation for CD = $25.00

    Aspire Gregory Penn Siraj Meditations For Sacred Silence Set & Ambient Tones MusicSACRED SILENCE SET
    Set includes:

  • Sacred Spaces Meditation
  • Silence In Tone Meditation
  • Chords of Silence Meditation
  • Ambient Music for Sacred Silence

  • Donation for 4-CD Set = $100.00


    July 2014 Breath Journal

    Aspire Gregory Penn Siraj July 2014 Breath Journal NewsletterJULY 2014 BREATH JOURNAL

    We live in all the moments of our many lives. Everything that we have ever done in
    our lifetimes comes to form in our daily living in so many different ways. How we lived yesterday forms the tomorrows that eventually become our today. If we can learn to be compassionate and merciful with our lives and ourselves in this world, we change the way we live in our moment to moment existence.

    Donation for July 2014 Newsletter = $25.00


    Breath a journal of transcendence aspire newsletter gregory penn siraj free sample


    Kahlil Gibran On Love

    “This Opening video to the Commentary is beautiful. The music of Nicos and the words of Kahill Gibran what a match. Tears rolled down my face while a smile was on my lips….”
    Annie – Marina, CA


    About Gregory Penn (Siraj)


    “There are two mistakes one can make along the road to Truth…
    not going all the way, and not starting.” ~Buddha

    My spiritual path began when I was a very small child. For whatever “reason.” which I have never really needed to question, I came into this world to begin a journey that has taken me through thousands of lifetimes and, I am certain, many more thousands to come. To me, it is all about direct experience, no matter how disturbing it might be to the comfort of my life. The quality of life is the presence of living in Love…as the ultimate experience and meaning of a lifetime.

    I will not bore you with my childhood and the life that brought me to be with you, in this moment. If you want to know more about me and my life as a teacher, please read some of my Commentaries as they are designed to share my innermost being with you as a man, teacher and spiritual being. I will just say that you are here, at this website, by divine rendezvous and, as myself, you are seeking that which is finding you! My journey led me to college and then, to seminary, and eventually at the feet of a great master, who transmitted to me energies that define the way I live to this very moment. I will share this with you, as I share my life…with all of the loving people that I care so much about.

    After being ordained as a Unity Minister at the tender age of 21 and realizing that my deep “pull” to know would not be fulfilled by becoming a minister, I had a series of “events” that led me to India. There I lived in a very beautiful Ashram for about five years and went through the riggers of spiritual training and enfoldment. It was there that I learned many techniques to deal with the ego and, eventually, was honored to learn the art of Tibetan Pulsing and the meditations that accompany these powerful experiences.


    “No one becomes enlightened without a teacher’s help.” ~Buddha

    I am not the kind of teacher that advocates a particular spiritual path. I am deeply interested in the Truth and how it can be a direct experience in a lifetime. I love Buddha…but could never be a Buddhist I love Jesus, but I can not be a Christian. I am absorbed by the Tao, but I could not say I am a Taoist. What I offer is a direct path to have what is called at “Satori,” which some of my students have experienced. A Satori is a direct encounter with Life as Love. Through meditations, Workshops, Retreats and the life coaching, I have given my students a way to reach the blessing of their own being. I can assist with this, but I can not give it all to you. You have to do your own work. As the Buddha stated, “No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We, ourselves, must walk the path.” This is very good advice that I offer to all of my honored students.

    If you decide to work with me, you must know that I am only interested in your awakening. I will do all I can to create the opportunity for it to bloom in your life. But, in the end, it is all up to you for it to happen. It will take authentic work on your part. You will have to be deeply devoted to the Way that lives within you. You will need discipline (meaning: not doing the things that harm you) and you will have to find the time and energy to devote to this experience. It is not for everyone. Many come and find that they simply do not have the interest in the intrinsic nature of themselves. It is not the lifetime for them to experience this. Only you can know what kind of person you are. If you are to be with me, it would by my honor…and you may know I will work very diligently to help you in all ways.

    Please forgive me…
    Swami Chaitanya Siraj
    (Lamp of Consciousness)




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