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The Inexplicable Life Of No Rhyme Nor Reason

“Your words have inspired me for the past 15 years. In some of my darkest days your words showed me that there was light. I am glad that I have found your site. I look forward to hearing more from you.”
Stefan – California

What is Aspire?

“Aspire is that which lives within you…as the breath of spirit.” ~Siraj

I get this question all the time. The word Aspire means “breath of spirit” and that is exactly what is at the heart of Aspire. Aspire is not a religious movement, it is an opportunity to reunite you with the BREATH OF YOUR SPIRIT. What I offer as a teacher is a system of teachings and spiritual exercises that will offer a profound sense of liberation from the mind that is caught in deep fear and self-hatred. Any creed or religious body that would govern what is offered through the work that I do to help people come to a place within themselves of SELF-REALIZATION or AWAKENING does not bind me. The system that I teach and offer to people is basically comprised of meditation and mental disciplines that restore one’s inner attentions to the spirit of Life itself. Here is what I offer as a teacher, which I call a spiritual practice. (Click any of the titles below to view more details.)

Tibetan Pulsing Meditations

The average person cannot just sit down and begin the practice of meditation. The mind is deeply constricted by fear and anger. Our human body resonates to this fear through not only impulses but through the unconscious mind. The first Meditation I give to students so that they may begin their journey into the realm of the spiritual is ENERGY MOMENTUM ONE. This meditation is designed to help the student work breathing patterns that cause the unconscious mind to reveal its hidden agenda and release the emotional poisons that have been the cause of all thoughts. I offer these ancient meditation techniques in audio files available for immediate download after purchase so that you can begin practicing at home each and every day. This meditation work as a real form of commitment to one’s own inner life and must be taken with great care and gentleness so as not to re-ingest the anger that was released. Here is where the practice becomes a way of life. Each moment of each day one must sustain their mental and emotional posture so as not to allow for anger and fear to be the ebb and flow of daily life.

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Insight Sessions

I offer Insight Sessions with students who are willing to explore their lives outside the boundaries of mind and emotion. In these sessions I help the student with the issues of daily life and how to approach their individual living with the presence of a spiritual practice. I often give the students homework to do and journal work that causes the student to be very aware of what is happening within them as a framework for deeper more powerful inner work. Counseling is essential to a spiritual practice. Learning how to inwardly surrender to the energy of Love in a world that honors only fear and hate is one of the most powerful benefits of a spiritual practice. I give meaningful and insightful gifts to my students to help them not only resolve themselves in any life situation that they may find themselves in, but I teach them how to forgive and give to maintain the awareness of Love that is present in everything we do in this life.


Workshops are to prepare the student for the three Retreats that I offer each year. In the Workshops that I offer I present to my students concepts of consciousness that they can play with that will center them in the focus of energy and compassion. I craft meditations for them and put them on CD so that they can take them home and work upon themselves each day. I offer daily meditation regimens that I do expect each student to fulfill. These meditations are about breath work and the anointing of the seven chakras. I work with my students in Workshops to prepare them for the Retreats that we have where I offer them themes that are about their living and how to attain to a consciousness of mercy and Love through meditation. I take a very playful approach to all of this. My orientation is Zen and I seek to teach through metaphor. I often give Zen koans to students as well as personal conundrums that force the student to realize outside the conventions of human thinking.


I offer three Retreats per year to give students the chance to be regained through meditation work and through Gestalt therapy. These spiritual Retreats each have a theme and I give personal attention to each student who attends to help them become AWARE of the practice that we have all embarked upon and how it will temper and transform our daily life. Retreats are a huge immersion into spiritual consciousness. These powerful moments are precious moments of great Love that all of us carry with us all of our lives. You will find a Buddha field that is generated within the room through the graciousness of the students who allow the energy of each meditation to bring them to more loving states of consciousness. At these powerful Retreats we work with three new meditations as well as Vipassana meditation to enhance inner peace and balance. Joining me for one of my Retreats will be one of the most important moments of your life.

A Way Of Life

I support and help each student come to a place in his or her spiritual practice where only Love is important. I work with my students as deeply as they allow me to. I offer them alternatives to their own prejudices, fears, and judgments. If you are a person who is easily insulted or carry with you a great deal of opinion about yourself and any religious viewpoints, then, my approach will not be of much help for you. I find that many people are just shopping for something to believe in. This work that I offer is not for the faint of ego. Everything that you believe in and everything that you must fear will come up for either your dismissal or your continued support. The system I offer is a way of life and not something one just indulges themselves within when they have a difficulty or need to feel “spiritual” as some sort of gratification.

If your moment has come, if you can recognize the futility of living as you have and if you are drawn to the meaning of your life beyond the ideals of comfort and gratification…then, I might well be your teacher. I am not for everyone and I do not seek to be. I seek to serve those of you who have “ears to hear”…if you know what I mean.

About Siraj (Gregory)

My spiritual path began when I was a very small child. For whatever reason, which I have never really needed to question, I came into this world to begin a journey that has taken me through thousands of lifetimes and, I am certain, many more thousands to come.