Where To Begin:
Stage 2

The next series of Meditations are a bit more advanced, requiring increased focus and concentration. Stage 1 sets up a practice by laying the groundwork for learning how to let go of pain and sorrow. Now, as you move on, I offer you a different kind of catharsis, Energy Momentum One, which is a Tibetan Pulsing Meditation that you will find amazing and deeply helpful.

In the Ambient Music and the three Meditations that I offer to you in this series, I have chosen those that I feel are more oriented toward Silence…and the progress that one can make through Silence. One of them was given to me directly by my master and I share it with you now, 30 years later, as a way of extending the gift he gave to me. May you use these with great Wisdom and Love. If you need help with them, please call me…I am here to help. My direct line is (831) 622-8410.

Set includes:

  • Energy Momentum One Catharsis Meditation
  • Heart Vipassana Meditation
  • Beloved Meditation
  • Ambient Music For Autumn

The Stage 2 Meditation Package is available for a donation of $100*
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Eventually, you will need a teacher to guide you through the difficulties of a practice as it overcomes the emotions and ego states that many just hand their lives over too. I am fully aware of all of these as I as faced them many times in my own practice. I can help you, through Insight Sessions, to overcome your blocks and find a new flow to your life that is Life-giving and Heartfelt. Please go to the Insight Sessions page of this website for more information.

Energy Momentum One Catharsis Meditation – This Meditation is what I use at every Retreat, waking at 6 a.m. in the morning to posture the students for the day, spiritually speaking. You will find this Tibetan Pulsing Meditation extremely moving and beautiful. It is about rhythmic movement of the body and the breath, synchronizing together and creating a flow of let go that allows the student to release the unconscious anger and fear that lives within, unbeknownst to the conscious mind.

Heart Vipassana Meditation – Heart Vipassana is a very sweet and simple way to learn the art of Silence each and every day of your life. This Meditation has instructions and offers you the path to Silence, which is the great power and presence in meditation. After you have done your catharsis meditation, it is a good idea to do Heart Vipassana to deepen your attentions toward the presence of Silence within you. It is simple, concise and highly effective in changing the way you operate the mind and are influenced by its thinking. You will breathe and work out of the Heart chakra, opening up doors to allow this presence and power of Love to blossom within you and, thus, the whole world. This is being of service to humankind in its most transformational way.

Beloved Meditation – My Master gave this Meditation to me over forty years ago. I came to him when I was deeply upset and troubled and he offered to me this meditation to practice. The technique that you will learn here has been, and still is, the answer to my worries and concerns. This meditation is about humility and compassion and will lead you to the BELOVED within you – as it has me, all these years. I now share it with you in humble gratitude that it may help you as it has helped me. When combined with the two previous meditations detailed above, it offers a tremendous energy, a synergy for healing of your karma and can be done at night before you sleep to help relieve you of the pressures of the unconscious mind and the damage it has done all day.

Ambient Music For Autumn – This offering is extremely special as it includes sound effects, such as rain and water, for healing of the unconscious mind. This beautiful ambient music will change your attitude and demeanor during the day. I listen to Autumn all during the year because of the special effect it has on me with its background tones, while I am working, and even sleeping, to keep an even tone within my unconscious mind. You will find this ambient music very helpful in your life and, as you practice your meditations more, this music will come to mean more to you.