The Path

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Before You Begin A Practice

“Along the path you will come up against that which you have called ‘you.’
Be not fooled…you are not.”~Siraj

My dearest friend,

Before you consider allowing me the honor of working with you in meditation and spiritual process, please consider the teaching offered below. If you are willing…the teacher is here…

A disciple is meditating and has been meditating for at least 20 years. He has been doing all kinds of things: yoga postures, meditative techniques. One day the Master appears while the disciple is sitting like a Buddha, absolutely silent, at least on the outside, unmoving like a marble statue. The Master begins rubbing a brick against a stone just in front of the disciple. The Master creates so much noise by rubbing the brick against the stone that the disciple has to open his eyes a little bit to see who is creating the nuisance.

Seeing that the Master himself is doing this, the disciple can not believe it. A Master is not supposed to disturb a disciple while he is meditating. What kind of Master is he? But a Master is a Master, so one cannot be rude to him. So the disciple waits…but how long is he to wait? The constant rubbing of the brick against the stone causes the disciple to grit his teeth and he is becoming edgy. Finally, he says, “Stop it! What are you doing?”

The Master says, “And what have you been doing for 20 years? Scrubbing, scrubbing…trying to polish your mind? That you call meditation? Your postures, your techniques…they are all mind-based. You take such pride in their form. I am trying to make a mirror of this brick.”

The disciple says, “That is impossible. You can go on rubbing, but the brick will never become a mirror.” And the Master says, “That is what I have come to say to you. For 20 years you have been rubbing, scrubbing, polishing…and the mind has not become meditation, the mind has not become a mirror. Drop the mind…don’t cultivate it!”

If you can understand this teaching, perhaps you are ready. Please continue on to the following pages – read….and listen to the following pages: