Where To Begin:
Stage 1

People generally ask me where to begin a spiritual practice and which Meditations to use in the beginning of a practice when starting out as a novice.

The following ambient music and three Meditations are what I highly recommend for those of you just beginning your spiritual practice. Please be advised that you will have to DISCIPLINE yourself to do these Meditations and create a regimen in your daily life that revolves around meditation. The Ambient Music to be played at a very low volume, in the background throughout your day, to help keep an even tone within you. The Ambient Music literally supports your practice and is to be played at very low levels as often as possible. I keep ambient music playing in my home 24/7/365.

These are NOT to be done as you would go to the gym, with the expectations of enlightenment or a “better life,” as it were. Let the Meditations take you where they need to and you will find the Way within you is very simple and clear. If you need help you may always call me on my direct line at (831) 622-8410.

Set includes:

  • Heavy Breathers Catharsis Meditation
  • Om: The Reverberation Of Life Walking Meditation
  • Forgiveness Meditation
  • Ambient Music For Spring

The Stage 1 Meditation Package is available for a donation of $100*
(*your donation for this Meditation Package is tax-deductible – you will be sent a letter of receipt for tax purposes)

Eventually, you will need a teacher to guide you through the difficulties of a practice as it overcomes the emotions and ego states that many just hand their lives over to. I am fully aware of all of these as I as faced them many times in my own practice. I can help you, through Insight Sessions, to overcome your blocks and find a new flow to your life that is Life-giving and Heartfelt. Please go to the Insight Sessions page of this website for more information.

Heavy Breathers Catharsis Meditation – We all need a catharsis each and every day – thus, this Meditation is to be done seven days a week. A catharsis is where we let go of our hurt, our pain and our sorrow. This “anger energy” runs very deep within us as a form of our unconscious mental and emotional structure. Within Heavy Breathers, you are guided to bring your energy up from your Root chakra to your Heart chakra, then let the anger come out of the Throat chakra by opening your mouth and allowing all of the painful energy to be removed from your psyche. This allows you to be more empty in order to do the other meditations more freely. They will have a much higher influence upon you if you are just a little more empty.

Om: The Reverberation Of Life Walking Meditation – This Meditation combines Vipassana (insight meditation that Buddha taught) with a walking meditation done in silence and “Om-ing” at the end. It combines the beautiful inner tones of brain waves in the background, derived from enlightened masters who allowed themselves to be attached to biofeedback machines in the late 70’s. You will find this soothing and renewing… simple, kind and helpful. It is the very mental construct of a spiritual practice. In it, you will learn how to do Vipassana Meditation, which is simply the art of watching your breaths and looking for the pauses and the gaps between the them. You will then be asked to stand up and slowly walk, keeping your focus on the breath as you walk. You will end your session with “Om-ing,” which allows your breath to be blended with the hundreds of other beautiful voices recorded on this CD, creating a deep connection with the Soul as oneness. This Meditation should be done three times a week.

Forgiveness Meditation – Within all of us is the need for Forgiveness. This Meditation will help you forgive by lowering your resistance to Forgiveness through Love and letting go of certain emotional impulses that plague the human psyche, such as subtle hate and vengeance. This meditation literally wears away at emotions that hold you to anger, fear and self-hatred and offers the liberation to your spiritual Heart to free you from any emotional attachment to hatred and anger for another person, which is the root cause of all “hardness of heart” in a human being’s life. This meditation should be done three times a week at least.

Ambient Music For Spring – I highly suggest ambient music in the background of your day. We listen, unconsciously, to a great deal of noise during the day that “troubles” the mind and causes our emotions to become agitated within us without really knowing why. To counteract this, I present my ambient music to SUPPORT your practice. It should be played in the background at very low audio levels so the tones and textures may reach your unconscious mind, healing you. You will find a calmness overtaking you as you do the above three Meditations and listen to this ambient music in the background.