Aspire is a not for profit organization that is dedicated to helping people awaken spiritually to the meaning of their own lives. All donations are used to support Aspire programs and services, and help sustain a publicly available space online for constant inspiration and insightful living. Aspire is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization under the corporate umbrella of Unity Church of Escondido, est. 1965. All donations are tax deductible under Section 501(c)(3) of the US federal tax code. All donations made to Aspire are provided a letter of receipt for tax purposes.

Every penny matters, every penny is used to serve humankind. ~Siraj

The word Aspire means breath of spirit and offers to those who seek an authentic spiritual practice a home base where others of like Heartedness can gather and mature into Love through the practice of meditation. Aspire’s immense library of offerings provides insight and support for every aspect of a person’s life as it relates to the bigger picture of consciousness, meditation and Love…the origins of all Life. Your donations serve to invite humankind to the celebration of inner spiritual awakening!

Giving is not a sacrifice

An authentic spiritual practice is a tectonic shift toward the authentic meaning of living and recognizing Life itself as Love. If money and time are an issue, weighing these elements of earthly urgency as the litmus test of importance in your life leaves no possible way for an authentic spiritual practice to find its place in the priorities of your living.

A donation is not payment for services rendered to achieve worldly benefit

Through the practice of meditation and inner enfoldment, you realize the bigger picture of your life and can see that the donations you have given in your effort to awaken through Workshops, Retreats and Meditations were the most precious and merciful acts of your lifetime.

A donation is a gift, not a purchase

A practice is about the entirety of all that is Love. So when you give a donation for a Retreat, to be there and participate in the process of inner awakening, you are also making a gift to Mt. Madonna, to airtime for Aspire and to Gregory so he can continue in the effort of Love.

Giving is an opportunity for awakening, for a change in your Karma

You never know who is in front of you asking for your help, your money. When a person is before you, no matter who you think they are, it is wise to recognize the virtue of this and respond with a generosity that sets into motion actions of kindness and compassion that break your genetic patterns and liberate you from pride and hate.

Every time you liberate yourself by donating to Aspire for a Meditation, Insight Session or set of Discourses, you are promoting the teachings of authenticity and helping yourself at the same time. Each gift given is used to help people who, like you, are seeking the Way both consciously and unconsciously.

Generosity is the only true test of a person who has cultivated the spiritual Heart

In true wisdom, you realize the order of your life must match and harmonize with the order of Life itself. When you take yourself out of this spiritual order, you put everything you live for in jeopardy and this affects every nook and cranny of your daily life.

Your donation may be the only catalyst that changes the direction of one person in this world. This is most valuable and important to note. Offering one person the chance to liberate him or herself to Love is a most noble way of living and offers the Karma of Love to once again enter into the lives of those who, without knowing it, are seeking.

How you give is the meaning of your life

Every time you come to a Workshop or Retreat you are giving a donation to the community that is hosting it. Your effort to awaken through these venues also helps with the cost of production of Aspire TV and Radio, which in turn helps the community and people who come to our website. You are also making it possible for Gregory to go to hospice and help the dying. All of this is generating new energies on the pathway of your Karma to liberate you from current as well as past lives that were lived in hardness of heart.

Through your gift, you become ONE with the energies being offered by Aspire

When you come to a Workshop or Retreat, or give a donation for Meditations, Discourses, Sponsorship, TV, Radio or anything else offered by Aspire, your donations pay for the airtime and expenses that carry these services forward to contribute to the well-being of this world through the goodness of Love. This returns to you as a blessing to your Karma.

Siraj (Dr. Gregory Penn) serves at his local Hospital and Hospice every week to help those who are in need or dying. It is most demanding and deeply important to people throughout the Monterey Peninsula area. Aspire also offers spiritual insight and deep inspiration through many services at no cost to the public.

Aspire TV has been serving the world since 1983 and Aspire Radio since 1977. Both are viewer-listener supported. Both are now available worldwide via this website. Aspire TV has won 6 Emmys and 7 Telly awards for its over 100 productions. Aspire Satsang With Siraj radio programs are fun, insightful and deeply penetrating. Over 9 years of question and answer sessions with Siraj are available on this website, with 2 new programs added every week!

Presented in a visual, user-friendly format, the Aspire Blog offers articles, lyrical videos and Zen stories devoted to helping people insight compassion and mercy through changing their lifestyles from selfishness to that of selflessness.

Aspire changes the paradigm so that any one of us can make a shift within ourselves as well as humankind through conscious living. ~ Siraj

As a nonprofit organization Aspire uses all incoming donations to pay for the business expenses, paid employees and general operating costs associated with providing its offerings and services. This requires ongoing funding in order to operate on a daily basis. Our expenses include:


  • Required to produce Radio Programs, Videocasts, Podcasts, the Breath Journal, Discourses, Message of the Month and to edit Aspire TV programs as well as for communication and recording keeping


  • Internet Connectivity, Website Hosting & Support, Email Service, Software, Equipment Maintenance & Repair, Rental Facilities


  • Siraj, Webmaster, Bookkeeper & CPA


  • Required of all non-profit organizations




  • Gas reimbursement only – Siraj receives no payment for these volunteer services


  • Average cost per program series: $22,000 – Siraj receives no payment for his contribution to these programs
Everything I do is offered to support the message of Aspire...EVERYTHING. ~ Siraj

Siraj has dedicated his life to providing the tools necessary to support an authentic spiritual practice. A large portion of the income earned from Meditation Workshops, RetreatsCounselingMeditationsAmbient MusicDiscoursesMonthly Messages and the Breath Journal is required to sustain the many services Aspire provides as help and inspiration to the world. After all expenses for each of these services have been paid, whatever remains is used to support TV and Radio Programs and Hospice efforts. Often times, it is quite a financial stretch to continue to cover these costs – your support is crucial.

Everything you donate to Aspire goes out to help someone in this world. Your donations serve humankind in even more ways than can be explained on this page. Please read the testimonials that have been offered to Aspire by people such as yourself. Thank you for your interest. Namaste…