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Aspire TV

Aspire TVAspire TV began in 1986. In an effort to create an alternative to conventional religious TV, Gregory has created programs on a wide range of subjects from the Tao to the Gnostic Gospels that are rarely, if ever, seen on conventional television. All of these programs were created for those who seek to abandon the pedestrian mentality and move into the meaning of their life through consciousness.

Gregory’s devotion and dedication to these programs has earned six Emmy Awards and seven Telly Awards. His efforts were made possible solely through the support of Aspire Sponsors who, like himself, have worked tirelessly and generously to make a wide range of programs spanning three decades available on this website in service to humankind at no charge.

Radio Program – Satsang With Siraj

With Host, Gregory Penn
Published Twice Weekly on Saturdays & Sundays – Gregory answers questions submitted by listeners, offering insight and guidance from a lifetime on the road less traveled. You are invited to send in your questions and topic suggestions for Satsang – all questions are welcome.

Our Mystery Donor is so deeply moved by the Aspire radio programs, he feels they must be available to the world. Through the unconscionable generosity of our Mystery Donor, 9 years of Aspire Radio Programs are now offered as Satsang With Siraj and made available to everyone via this website. The Mystery Donor invites you to join him by making a donation to lend your support in keeping these Satsang programs available.

Bi-Weekly Commentary

What is a Commentary? It is not about speculation or opinion. It is a narration of a life lived in the attempt to awaken spiritually. These Commentaries, Podcasts and Videocasts are offered as loving advice with the intent to help you, not convert you…to nurture your spiritual practice. Find the tone within each, read and watch them whenever you need insight. They will serve you well…

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“I love your Commentaries. I have found that it is entirely possible to meditate ANYWHERE – in the checkout line at the grocery store or as I wait for a doctor’s appointment (not too long ago, my blood pressure went down so far that the nurse took it twice just to be sure!). I just relax, empty my mind and concentrate on breathing as you taught us. Thanks for your dedication and for helping me find the peace that has helped me through so much.”
Geri – Tennessee