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Everything Aspire offers to the world is made possible through tax-deductible donations and Sponsorships. Every donation to Aspire is used to help someone else in this world.

Aspire is a not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to helping people awaken spiritually to the meaning of their own lives. All donations are used to support Aspire programs and services, and help sustain a publicly available space online for constant inspiration and insightful living.

Aspire minimizes overhead costs in every way possible: no rented office space, only 2 administrative staff and Gregory takes no remuneration from Aspire. Often times, it is quite a financial stretch to continue to cover these costs – your support is crucial.

Your gift is our future…

Aspire means breath of spirit and offers to those who seek an authentic spiritual practice a home base where others of like heartedness can gather and mature into Love through the practice of meditation. Aspire’s immense library of offerings provides insight and support for every aspect of a person’s life as it relates to the bigger picture of Loving consciousness – which is the origin of all Life.

Siraj (Gregory Penn) works tirelessly and diligently to present sacred teachings and spiritual exercises that offer a profound sense of liberation from the mind that is caught in deep fear and to offer a path toward reaching the blessing of your own Being.

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Your gifts help provide…


Over 8 years of Q&A Podcasts are available on this website, with 2 new Podcasts added every week!


18 insightful Emmy & Telly Award winning TV program series available on this website and on the Aspire channel on YouTube.


8 years of Commentaries, Podcasts and Videocasts available 24/7 to read and watch whenever insight is needed, with new content added bi-weekly.


An immense library of Tibetan Pulsing Meditations and Ambient Tone compilations that offer resonation with Life as Love through tone and breath.


In-person sessions with people who live locally as well as phone and/or Skype sessions with people across the U.S. (25-minute and 50-minute sessions available).


Aspire offers the following based on a specific focus topic each month to help support a spiritual practice:


Spiritual insights and Zen stories devoted to teachings of authenticity, compassion and merciful living.


A weekly, interactive live Discourse on Zoom with topics meaningful to the process of spiritual awakening.


Regularly-scheduled daily and weekly Hospice visits as well as being available on-call 24/7/365 during times of need.