Perpetuity Discourses


We live in a world where a cacophony of opinions and hate speech reigns supreme, creating a great deal of noise and misinformation about the meaning of our existence in this world, in this life. To authentically realize our significance in this lifetime requires CONSCIOUSNESS.

The depth of Jesus’ greatest teachings has been obscured by the immense cunning and ignorance of human bias. Jesus was NOT a “savior” come to rescue humankind from itself. He was a perfect Teacher of Consciousness who revealed the state of the Christ that lives within us all. It must be understood that the word Christ is not the last name of Jesus nor some title that was bestowed upon him by the “church.” The Christ is the absolute essence of ONENESS with the totality of Life. This series is not based on teachings of “religious doctrines.” It is about the most important reveal of our lifetime – the essence of Christ Consciousness that lives perfectly within each and every one of us.

In this series of 48 Discourses, Siraj (Gregory Penn) offers insights to help the sincere and devoted move into Christ Consciousness. Each Discourse in this series ends with a simple Meditation. These offerings are not for the frail of mind nor those who live in the bias of the parochial mindset that is the basis for society and its religion. These teachings emphasize meditation and conscious living, offering a true metamorphosis into Transcendence. They are only for the few who are “called” to listen to them without being insulted.

The full set of 48 Discourses and Meditations is now available for a donation of $720 and is currently available for instant download on the Aspire Website. Aspire cannot honor returns, so please be certain that you are devoted to this endeavor toward spiritual awakening.

Or you may download the first set of Discourses and Meditations (“Perpetuity”) for a donation of $60 as an introduction to this important series in order to get a feel for what is being offered. If you can “hear” the message and you seek to move more deeply within, you may order the remainder of the Christ Consciousness Series (a total of 44 Discourses and Meditations) for a donation of $660.

Christ Consciousness Discourse Series

48 Discourses (with Meditations)

Christ Consciousness Discourse Series

4 Discourses (with Meditations)

Christ Consciousness Discourse Series

44 Discourses (with Meditations)