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Christ Consciousness Discourse Series


The Teachings of Jesus from the Gnostic Gospels


Full Series – 48 Discourses & Meditations

In this series of 48 Discourses, Siraj (Gregory Penn) offers insights to help the sincere and devoted move into Christ Consciousness. Each Discourse in this series ends with a simple Meditation. These offerings are not for the frail of mind nor those who live in the bias of the parochial mindset that is the basis for society and its religion. These teachings emphasize meditation and conscious living, offering a true metamorphosis into Transcendence. They are only for the few who are “called” to listen to them without being insulted.

The full set of 48 Discourses and Meditations is now available for a donation of $720. Aspire cannot honor returns, so please be certain that you are devoted to this endeavor toward spiritual awakening. The following Discourse and Meditation series are included:

The first aspect of the Awakening to the Christ Consciousness comes in Perpetuity. This perpetuity means the state or quality of lasting forever. Hence, the first aspect of Transcendence is that of seeking the Eternal.
The Allure to Hate & Evil
here is a great allure to sin! Within these Discourses you will find insight into the human emotions that are allured to evil and hate. These will be very important to your own inner process to achieve consciousness.
The Gnostic God
What is God? In the development of spiritual consciousness we find the meaning of God, not as a religious figure. In these offerings you will be given insight into how to “sit” and live with God as Love in your life and your meditation.
Faith Is Consciousness
Siraj will help you deepen your state of Being in the Practice. Faith is the ultimate state of consciousness that changes a person from living in and of the flesh…to that of living in the state of the Universe.
What is renunciation? It has a great deal to do with the state of consciousness and the meaning of Transcendence. In its purest form, Renunciation is about cutting the ties that bind us to the human experience. Only through liberation from the human fetters do we mature into consciousness.
Within the context of an Authentic spiritual practice, there is no such thing as “mindfulness.” If one is truly seeking consciousness, if one is to immerse the beauty of consciousness within, there can be no “mindfulness.” Rather there must be quietude.
Suffering For Consciousness
Everything in this lifetime has its price. Those who can realize what is valuable in this lifetime realize the “Pearl” of great price that allows a person to awaken beyond the ideals of human desire and fear. The following Discourses offer insight for the sake of ending the futility of living in the cycle of birth and death.
Deliver Us From Evil
These are the most powerful Discourses in the series on Consciousness. From here we turn a corner and it may be very difficult for some to do so. When you listen to these offerings it must be clear that you are seeking beyond the realm of being insulted. If you can “hear” what is being offered a great weight will be lifted from your life.
Our Daily Bread
How do you live in this world and by what means do you nourish your life? For most people, life is all about gratification. But for those who are taking the road less traveled there is nothing but consciousness, and that is the means by which to live. The September Discourses are about how to nourish consciousness.
The Matter Of Life In Death
Livingness is merely a matter of survival for the average person. But there is far more to this lifetime than simply surviving. Siraj will continue his series on Christ Consciousness in these very powerful Discourses.
The Grace Of Mercy
When consciousness is achieved through an Authentic Spiritual Practice the first things that are realized are the vitals of reality. These vitals are about how this world operates and how LIFE lives through us.
Light Of Consciousness
In the Light of consciousness we find that we are no longer a patsy for our ego and the Emperor of all malice. The closing Discourses in this series on Christ Consciousness will be very special. If you have listened to all of them you will feel a deep overcoming within you. The overcoming of the influence of the body and all of its assumptions.

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