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Uplifting humankind's vision to the direct experience that is Love



Our Mystery Donor will MATCH ALL SPONSORSHIPS made to Aspire now thru January 2, 2023 which multiplies your gifts to be of even greater help. A monthly gift of $25 becomes $50 every month to Aspire, a monthly gift of $50 becomes $100 every month to Aspire…and so on. The generosity of the Mystery Donor keeps Aspire viable through the difficult months of the year when donations are sparse. Without him, Aspire will end. Please honor his generosity by offering your own.

In a world that is drunk on religious fear and hocus-pocus, Aspire offers the teachings of courage that allow all of us to let Love live us. Your participation in the Aspire Sponsorship Program helps us offer Aspire Program Series on YouTube and on this website, reaching out to make Aspire available to millions. Your gifts also help Gregory make hospital visits and Hospice calls every week.

To become a Sponsor is to realize how deeply important it is that we uplift humankind’s vision to the direct experience that is Love, which lives within us all.

For your loving Sponsorship, you will receive (all offered to help you sustain an authentic spiritual practice):

The word Aspire means breath of spirit and that is exactly what you are. The very Breath of the Spirit that is Love, which you have been looking for all of your life. Please help us sustain Aspire and allow this message of Love and freedom to expand to all those who seek…as you do.

Come Aspire with us!
“You impacted my life and made me see beautiful things. Thank you. You are not forgotten in my thoughts, not a day goes by I don’t think of you with gratitude and I will think of you fondly until my body can no longer form these thoughts in death.”
~Jeffrey, San Diego


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