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The Sound Of One Hand Clapping


Silence, Emptiness, Space – these are the essence of an authentic Spiritual Life.


This very unusual series offers the listener insights into ancient Zen Stories that hold the meaning of what EMPTINESS is, and how deeply important no-thing is to our spiritual experience. In the West, most teachers avoid these teachings due to the sense that students may not be interested in Emptiness in a culture and society that worships overindulgence in gratifications.

But in this series, Gregory will help you come to the place where you may recognize the profound value of a Life lived in Silence, Emptiness and Space. These are the essence of an authentic Spiritual Life…and its practice. If you are sincere and deeply interested in the profound sense of a Spiritual Life, one that moves beyond fear and a society filled will compulsion and mania, you will find this beautiful Zen series of great importance to your Life.

This series includes the following Discourses:

  • No Water, No Moon
  • The Black-Nosed Buddha
  • The Dead Man’s Answer
  • Gutei’s Finger
  • Is That So?
  • A Philosopher Asks Buddha
  • The Giver Should Be Thankful
  • Why Don’t You Retire?

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