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From The Heart Of The Tao


Insight into The Tao Te Ching


These wonderful programs were produced in the beautiful city of San Francisco. The Tao is not a religion nor a philosophy. It is the state of all things in Life. This very powerful series of 8 Discourses on The Tao is given in a way that is relevant to a Westerner. You will find it very easy to incorporate these simple, yet, profound teachings into your Western lifestyle, offering more meaning to your everyday tasks of Living.

This series includes the following Discourses:

  • The Tao of the Heart
  • The Tao of Creativity
  • The Tao of Release
  • The Tao of Self-Acceptance
  • The Tao of Selflessness
  • The Tao of Compassion
  • The Tao of Prosperity
  • The Tao of Awareness

All MP3 audio files are immediately downloadable upon completion of purchase.