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Passing Through The Fires


Teachings from the great Masters: Buddha, Lao-tzu and Jesus


Within this series of Discourses, Gregory offers us the chance to understand the Essence of an authentic spiritual practice. His audio Discourses, which are outlined in his Aspire TV programs by the same name, go into far more detail. You will find his subjects to be very helpful when it comes to building a spiritual practice based on meditation and Love.

There is no other television program on the air that takes such a daring step as this one. Gregory will be teaching from the great Masters such as Buddha, Lao-tzu and Jesus (from his teachings in the Book of Thomas). This is a “no holds barred” series. You will find out what price you must pay to have a spiritual practice.

Series includes the following Discourses:

  • The Open Secret
  • The Fool’s Milk
  • Accept Disgrace Willingly
  • The Wisdom Of The Heart
  • The Untroubled Mind
  • From Philosophy To Transformation
  • The True As True
  • Love Yourself And Watch

All MP3 audio files are immediately downloadable upon completion of purchase.


“Your program this morning “Passing Through The Fires” is what I am experiencing. I receive criticism and grief from my family, who don’t understand that I need to live my own path. I feel very isolated and alone, ridiculed by family. I sincerely thank you for this work you have lovingly devoted your life to. Your message is still as important today as when you started your practice many years ago. It is extremely valuable and has no expiration date. Your voice is a blessing to those of us ready to hear it.”

~Lesley, New York