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The Touch


How to relate to everything as Love


The Touch is one of the most popular and honored series Aspire has offered. In this series, Gregory shows how Love is trying to have a relationship with you through every aspect of your Life, from children to money. Everything in Life is a metaphor for Love, offering its beauty and significance to us. Within this series, you will find out how to recognize Love in the simplest daily occurrences…then, how to relate to everything as Love, itself. If you are interested in a Life that is more than just survival and offers deep meaning…then, The Touch is for you.

This series includes the following Discourses:

  • The Touch Of Children
  • The Touch Of Life
  • The Touch Of Money
  • The Touch Of The Past
  • The Touch Of Love
  • The Touch Of People
  • The Touch Of Self
  • The Touch Of Work

All MP3 audio files are immediately downloadable upon completion of purchase.

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