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Discourse Subscription

From: $375.00 every 6 months



When purchased individually, each set of four monthly audio Discourses is available for a donation of $75 per set.* However, you may order a 6-month subscription for $375 (save $75) or a 12-month subscription for $750 (save $150).

Each month, Gregory offers very special and insightful Discourses that are made to enhance the monthly subject he has chosen for the Newsletter and Message of The Month. These spiritual chats are unique, filled with Zen stories and personal insights into the Path. They are deeply helpful to those who seek to understand…beyond the mind’s need for knowledge.

These Discourses are not for everyone. Gregory is very frank and to the point in these talks. His purpose is to help the student understand the difficulty of meditation and incorporating meditation into daily life. If you are deeply willing and not easily offended, you will find these monthly Discourses to be moving, funny and very helpful to your spiritual practice.

(*Monthly Discourse sets can be ordered by contacting Gregory directly.)