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For The Love of Your Life

Let Love Live You

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By Gregory E. Penn
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What does it mean to have love for our lives?
How can we understand a Love that has neither reason nor logic to it?
How can we become aware of Love in our everyday life?

Gregory answers these powerful questions in this e-book that was also made into the Aspire! series: THE TOUCH. This series was awarded both an Emmy and a Telly award. You will find this book deeply touching and directly to the point.

Publication of this iBook brought to a close a 17-year trilogy for Gregory. This book was written many years ago…just for you. An award-winning series of 8 programs is also available to you on the theme of this iBook entitled, THE TOUCH. It is all about learning how to LET LOVE LIVE YOU during the numerous small daily events that we all move through.

If ever there was a need for a book like this, with a no frills approach to Love, it is now. Within each page is the opportunity for you to let Love live you through your relationship with children, work, money, self, past, people, life and Love. Each chapter contains how to live and enact each subject offered. Please know that everything I offer to you is to help you come to the place where you might know the bliss and the blessings of Love.

Subjects covered in this book include:

Our Relationship With Life
Our Relationship With People
Our Relationship With Work
Our Relationship With Money
Our Relationship With The Past
Our Relationship With Children
Our Relationship With Self
Our Relationship With Love

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