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Insight Session – Full


A unique way of approaching a spiritual practice


Very helpful and essential to sustaining an authentic spiritual practice, Insight Sessions will help you with your Meditations and the practice of Love in relationship. Gregory works in face-to-face sessions with people who live locally, but also counsels people across the U.S. via phone and/or Skype sessions.

A full Insight Session is 50 minutes for a donation of $80. All donations support Aspire’s service to humankind and a portion of this donation is tax deductible. You will receive a receipt for tax purposes.

Cancellation: Insight Sessions may be cancelled without charge 3 days prior to the scheduled session time. No refunds will be provided if you do not call to cancel your session 3 days prior, for same day cancellations, or if you miss your scheduled session.

“One of the most precious resources of life is the opportunity to have Gregory (Siraj) as my teacher/spiritual counselor. He sees me anew each session. We can and do dialogue about human foibles and paths forward, yet I always know he is seeing who I truly am and is gently coaxing that to manifest.”
Alfrieda, California

“Insight sessions with Gregory both via telephone and in person have been essential to my spiritual practice, helping me move beyond the distractions and obstacles that convoluted mind and emotion create and guiding me back to the middle Way, the Heart of living. The patience and compassion shown during sessions with Gregory is unlike any I have ever experienced before and I deeply cherish the insights it cultivates.”
Wendy, California