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The Art of No-Thing


Realizing your lifetime as Love

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Few can realize the art of NO-THING. It is the basis for Lao-tzu’s teachings, and it permeates everything in this world. It is the core of Life itself. Within the following Discourses you will be offered simple approaches to the meaning of No-thing and how it might help you to realize the reveal of your lifetime as Love.

This series includes the following Discourses:

We begin with just the insight of what it means to be in the No-thing.

Living Within Through the Without
Living without the ideals and beliefs that we believe we need to sustain our ego is the essence of No-thing.

How to Live in the Fullness of No-thing
There is a tremendous beauty in nothingness. This Discourse will reveal what our minds cannot think.

Moving Against the Grain
Living a conscious life in the livingness of No-thing.
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