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The Buddha Discourse Series


The Sacred Teachings of Buddha for a life worth living


Full Series – 48 Discourses & Meditations

Rarely in the history of this world do we find such an avatar as the Buddha. His insights are essential to anyone seeking authentic spiritual awakening. This 48-Discourse set offers simplified versions of Buddha’s teachings that can be understood by those who sincerely seek the reveal that will make and sustain a life worth living. Each Discourse ends with a brief period of meditation. It is suggested that you listen to each Discourse at least 3 times per week. Remember: Simplicity, Solitude and Silence.

The full set of 48 Discourses and Meditations is now available for a donation of $720. Aspire cannot honor returns, so please be certain that you are devoted to this endeavor toward spiritual awakening. The following Discourse and Meditation series are included:

The Reveal
Siraj begins with the Choices we make in this lifetime that will affect our living…and, when lived well, will bring us to the Life itself. These offerings are very important as we merge with the Heart and find The Way as Love. Listen to these offerings without emotion. If you are willing of this…understanding will bloom.
See How You Love
Can you “see” how you “love?” Most of us just cannot realize how the human heart could deceive us so. We miss so much of our lifetime due to the indulgences of the human heart. Most all of our life is missed because we recruit the human heart to become our source of “love.” Siraj has much to say about all of this in these important offerings on the REVEAL of Love.
Nihilistic Living
It is important to comprehend this assumption that life has no other meaning other than that of survival. In nihilistic thinking nothing ever really matters. Siraj will introduce the Buddha’s teachings on Life itself. They are beautiful and you will be deeply benefited by their presence living in your Being.
The Pure Mind
In this continuing series on Buddha’s Teachings of Life, Siraj offers a reveal into the state of the mind. What is a Pure Mind? Can it be realized through living? These Discourses offer the way to attain to the Pure Mind.
Will You Not Ask For The Light?
Some of the most important Discourses Siraj has ever offered. If you are willing to hear what your mind cannot tolerate, you will find these offerings of great help.
Are We What We Can Think?
Are we what we think? Do we really make our “world” what it is due to how and what we may be thinking? Well, yes and no. If you are willing of a deeper way and are seeking transcendence you will find these offerings precious.
What is spirituality? Within the offerings for this month, Siraj will give to you an in-depth look into the spirituality of the Buddha and how deeply meaningful it is to our lives.
See The True as True and False as False
Buddha’s great teachings of how to enter into consciousness through the Heart will be offered in these very significant teachings. They are a must for transformation.
The True Seeker
Are you a “true seeker?” Probably not. But you can begin to cultivate the authenticity for becoming a “true seeker” in this lifetime by how you live your life here and now. The following Discourses are here to help you. Consider being an Authentic Seeker and begin the journey to the Awakening.
The Importance of Suffering
If a person is living within an Authentic Spiritual Practice, there will be suffering. How we suffer and the way we suffer is important. Siraj, will go deep into the means of suffering and what to suffer for that will bring forth liberation.
Thankfulness Through Forgiveness
All great spiritual Masters talk about the consciousness of thankfulness. But thankfulness is only genuine when forgiveness has preceded our gratitude. In this month’s offerings, Siraj will delve deeply into the meaning of forgiveness into thankfulness. Only the sincere will understand.
The True Master
This month’s Discourses are the last in Siraj’s series on the teachings of the Buddha. Siraj reveals what it means to be an authentic Master of our own lives. Listen to these offerings without the interference of the ego and the Emperor of all Malice – the human heart.

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