In Appreciation

There are many people whom have made contributions to this experience called Aspire. I would like to thank the following people who have given so much to serve humankind. Everything we do matters and every person we meet is important.

My deepest gratitude to the following people:

  • Wendy Loftin for her tireless work and for being the Webmaster of
  • Carolyn Mollohan for her loving work as Retreat Coordinator
  • Doshi for her support during Retreats
  • Mitch Merback and Merlin Video who have filmed Aspire for three decades and struggled to help me with my work…and for his work with my DVDs and transferring the Aspire TV Programs to YouTube
  • Gloria Shaw for her beautiful artwork which graces my Meditation CDs
  • To Paula King for her editing assistance
  • Haley Baker for her little drawings that are so heartfelt
  • Greg Baker for his brilliance and help during the conception of the former Aspire website
  • To Izzy McTeer for her editing assistance and artful support of the Aspire Instagram page
  • My Mystery Donor who has helped in more ways than I could ever say…