Can’t Argue With That!

Can’t Argue With That!

The no-mind no-thinks no-thoughts about no-things. ~Buddhist Proverb

There were two old men who had lived together for many years and they never quarreled.

Now one of them said: “Let us try to quarrel once just like other people do.”

And the other replied: ‘I don’t know how a quarrel happens.”

Then the first said: “Look, I put a brick between us and I say, ‘This is mine…and you say no, it’s mine,’ and after that a quarrel begins.”

So they placed a brick between them and one of them said: ‘This is mine,’ and the other said, ‘No, it’s mine.’

And he replied: “Indeed, it’s all yours…so take it away with you!”

And they went away unable to fight with each other.

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