How Do I Love Thee?

How Do I Love Thee?

“See how you love and what keeps you from the journey.” ~The Buddha

How we “love” can either be a true liberation or another incarceration of our spiritual Being, which causes us to be relegated to mere emotional states that could never reveal the beauty of authentic Love.  How we realize the states of energies that we congregate through our many emotions is very important.

We can do this through living a very emotional lifetime and suffering the consequences of this or we can “see how we love” and begin to understand our authentic journey which is all about Karma–the spiritual.  Surprisingly enough I find that most do not know what Love is, nor do they care!  They just want the emotionality, which makes gratification the hub of their ideal of “love.”

Learn to stand back from the emotions that gather within and cause you to live from the impulse of passion.  Cease living for emotions that you believe will offer you a future of “happy ever after” and begin to feel the space and the pauses between your thoughts.  To do this you will have to move to the breath and follow the gaps that live between one breath and another.

Keep asking yourself when you are with people as friends or lovers: “WHAT DO I PUT PEOPLE THROUGH IN ORDER TO LOVE ME?” If you are true in Heart, if you seek for more than just a companion, but also for the entrance into authentic Love….the answer will reveal itself to you.

Excerpt from the Commentary entitled “How Do I Love Thee?”

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