Money And The Flow Of Life

Money And The Flow Of Life

Money often costs too much. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Money, next to relationship, has the most profound effect upon our lives. For most of us on this planet, money has been used more as a weapon that separates us from one another than as Love, which unites us. How we deal with money, how we allow it to flow into our lives and out of our living, has great importance in our lifetime and determines much of our Karma in this world and those to follow. If we were wiser people, we would watch and observe the power of money and see it for what it is, then teach our children how to deal with money as a matter of loving Karma.

So what is money? It is pure unbridled karmic energy that has been touched by countless human beings and often used for heinous crimes here on this earth. Have you ever looked at the money you hold in your hand and wondered how many hands it has passed through to get to yours? How much “good” it has been allowed to do and how much “evil” it has been up to in the course of the hundreds and thousands of years that it has been around? It has been used to feed families, create art and make human advances in medicine. It has been used to start wars and end them.

Every dollar bill we hold in our hand has a history and everything is about the energy that came out of that history, which gives that dollar bill a great karmic importance. You hold in your hands more than just “money” when you open your wallet. We hold the very history of all humankind and how we have lived with the energy and presence of Love.

Practice entering the FLOW of Love through meditation and compassionate living. Live to give, live to forgive, live to set yourself free in the FLOW. When we are no longer interested in the comfort and security of our living and seek a more conscious living through the awareness of our own Karma, we can then find the FLOW of the intrinsic Love all around us. When fear enters into our lives, we remove ourselves from the essential FLOW of Love. Our practice is to keep our inner vision upon how to give and forgive, from emotional detachment. “Right and wrong” must be of no real interest to us. The FLOW is not a moral issue at all.

Keeping our emotions out of all of this through conscious meditation, we sense a deeper awakening occurring…now money can be transformed into a state where it can hold Love and do a great deal of service to humankind. Handing money to a “needy” person now becomes a prayer and an honor and the chance for authentic transformation for both the “giver” and the “receiver’s” karmic level. Everything matters…now. How anything LEAVES OUR HANDS is of utmost importance. Let its’ leaving be for Love, my dear one. Let Love live you. This is how to enter into the FLOW.

Money comes from the FLOW of Life, but it is neither Life itself nor the FLOW itself. In summary:

  • What we do with money, how we handle it, changes the energy of both the money and ourselves. To handle money with regard to helping humankind through compassion and kindness is of utmost importance.
  • The energy and use of money and how it can serve humankind through loving ways creates a new Karma for each dollar and, hence, can be very transformational.
  • To sacrifice emotionally making money “all important” is our ability to recognize the FLOW that is Life itself.
  • The FLOW is far more important than the money that comes out of it.

Excerpt from the Commentary entitled “Money As Love”

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    Posted at 08:16h, 23 June Reply

    Your generous insights are received with gratitude. Thank you for such generosity.

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