Fire In The Belly


Fire In The Belly

All great Truth seems paradoxical to our common sense. Understanding is a tricky thing. What does it mean to understand anything? Our thoughts distract us when they cannot understand the gist of what is being presented to them, which is out of the realm of their social, political and religious gravity.

Most people either believe that they are too stupid to get it…or that whatever is being presented to them is unimportant or of no real consequence to them. All of this is a form of arrogance that will bite them in the most vulnerable areas of their life later on down the road of living. The ego takes on a life of its own at the expense of ours due to a constant indifference to the state of the within because we have lost the FIRE IN THE BELLY to question anything outside the realm of that which pleasures the ego.

We understand so very little of the Love that is this life. We corrupt everything we do not understand with fear and vain imaginings, such as supplanting religious superstitions based in fear and hate for the simple teachings of Love that so many masters have offered us. We place lesser meaning on elements of Life that actually are far more powerful than our current minds could ever ponder. We live in spiritual indifference. The spiritual quest is all about a certain inner pull that causes us to seek beyond rational thinking and self-gratification. Few people in the world are willing of this pull.

If a person does not have the FIRE IN THE BELLY they will not be able to live beyond the mind that is only subservient to their earthly desires and emotions. This FIRE IN THE BELLY is burning within that is beyond mere human desire and passion. There is an INTRINSIC goodness, an innate goodness that lives as Love, that when allowed to be our entire motivation in life, will save us from our ignorance and its karmic repercussions.

When the mind is pointed toward emotion, it can only reflect emotion. But when, through meditation, a mind is pointed toward the essence of no-thingness, it changes in its character and quality and becomes an entirely new mind that is no longer in conflict with itself. This new mind is free, what the Buddha called a no-mind, which refers to its ability to realize without the need for logic, reasoning and fear as its mentor. Life is the flow of LOVE that is so vast that there need be no other thought in our mind to take us away from its essence. ONLY LOVE. ONLY THE INTRINSIC. ONLY THIS.

FIRE IN THE BELLY is about following the faint whisper of unrequited LOVE that lives within us, as the very quest for our living. Few people make this the centerpiece of their life. FIRE IN THE BELLY is about the hunger and thirst for an inward journey that is inexplicable and does not relate to the compulsions of the ego. FIRE IN THE BELLY is moving in the harmony of Love without hesitation and without a plan…it is the Come What May attitude.

Awakening is not a complicated affair as so many would have you believe. It is simply surrendering to Love at all costs to fear and hate. That is it – nothing more, nothing less! It is moving beyond DNA, beyond the obsession of our emotional politics and the human urge to merely survive through self-righteousness. It is living in the obvious simplicity of breath and learning how to follow Life as Love rather than living from one gratification to another.

Those who have no FIRE IN THE BELLY will live to find escape from the trials of themselves upon their own living. This is a useless lifestyle and a waste of a lifetime. But for those who seek the FIRE IN THE BELLY and or have it…every circumstance that comes will be realized in the setting in which it is presented and, hence, this landscape offers the insight that is necessary for a Life lived as Love. If you do not understand this, it is because you lack the FIRE. If you do understand this, enough has been said.

Let go of everything you believe in - let go of logic and reasoning and simply sit and observe an object in nature (a flower, a rock)

Simply allow it to BE THERE - observe it without the need for there to be any ``reason`` for its existence

Remaining unmoved by the mind's ideas and theories, you will find something born in you again...the FIRE IN THE BELLY!

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