I Can’t Do It!

can't do it

I Can’t Do It!

“The mature person pays attention to what is happening in the innermost self.” ~Tzu-ssu

Yes…the inner most self is the place of all happenings, but is typically ignored and discounted by most as no importance at all in our life.

We were not taught in our youth that it is vital as the Way of our living – nor do we teach our children how to live within IT, much less respect it. We have ignored it for so long that we actually have come to believe that IT (the mystical) does not even exist. We are so oblivious to the presence of the within that we have become impervious to the Love that is our life…the mystical.

The only time most people ever consider seeking the state of the within is when they have a worldly problem that they just cannot seem to “fix” and they have tried everything else and nothing else seems to “work.”

You are NOT here to “learn” anything through “lessons” of daily living. You are here to find that which you can take with you through death. ~Siraj

Most people who come to me for some kind of help with their lives are often far too late in their mental and emotional development to even consider an authentic spiritual practice that, at its core, requires inner discipline. In their efforts to alleviate the disowned pain and sorrow that they have ignored or has unnoticed, they have over indulged themselves in desire, work and various forms of obsessive and compulsive habits, including the rampant use of alcohol, marijuana and other “social drugs.”

Obsessive behavior coupled with the use of these drugs in a compulsive manor are a huge issue for most people, an issue they will defend vigorously and even viciously. What they do not seem to realize is that these “social drugs” cause them to become dense and numbed out to the finer energies of Life far beyond what they can even imagine. They lose touch with the reality of themselves.

These obsessive behaviors cause the neurons of the brain to fire off in certain directions receptively and create a synapse that conjugates into the divergence of thoughts involving conflict, opinion and interests that, if allowed through indulgence, turn into obsessions that most people call conviction and or belief.

In other words, the brain’s functions are living them rather than living independently from the brain function and learning how to self-realize. They become totally convinced that everything is as the brain is telling them. From here they cannot can realize that nothing is as it seems to thru indulgent obsessions.

Most people are far too convoluted to recognize this so they just muddle themselves down the road of life, eventually dying as ignorant and fearful as when they entered their bodies at birth.

We cling to our own point of view, as though everything depended upon it. Yet our opinions have no permanence; like autumn and winter, they gradually pass away. ~Chung-tzu

When I am in session with a person who is willfully ailing from the condition I have just explained to you, I suggest some out of the box process that will help them observe the “bigger picture” of what they are moving through in an effort to see if they are willing to truly heal. Invariably they never look at themselves and their obsessions and fears, and question their irresponsible delusions about emotional survival through seeking pleasure in this world. More often than not, their response is: “I can’t do it!”

What is deeply important is what is behind this attitude of I can’t do it! Does it mean that a person is especially weak, especially sensitive and, thus, should be immune from life challenges? No! It means that they have lived backwards. It means that they took what should have been FIRST (Love) and made it last (subservient to their fears).

We must want a Love that is greater than what we believe we love. ~Siraj

It is here that I invite them to ask themselves the question: “WHAT IS IT ABOUT ME THAT MADE ALL OF THIS POSSIBLE?” Our abuse is in how we ignore the IT in our living. This IT is intrinsic and brings us into a harmony that most simply do not seek due to the commitment to ignorance they have made through over indulgence in this lifetime. The IT is the mystical of our life and cannot be realized by a mind that is a slave to immature emotions obsessed with pain and sorrow.

There is a certain kind of inner strength that a person needs to mature into the practice of Love. They can change the way they deal with their emotional furry and learn how to mature into the compassion that is the path to Love. When they are going through the opportunities of a lifetime where it may appear that their lives are falling apart…and they are able to sustain compassion through humility and meekness (teachability), a great revelation occurs and a new kind of strength is awakened within.

This strength is not the strength of convictions or fears they have lived for in this lifetime for so many unquestioned years. Rather, it arises from meeting sorrow with a sense of maturity and allowing sorrow to bring them into the light of insight, which reveals the Heart of the matter…how they value LOVE.

Take a THY WILL BE DONE attitude - no matter what happens in this world, merely observe what is going on within and keep asking the question: WHAT IS IT ABOUT ME THAT MAKES ALL OF THIS POSSIBLE?

Consider values you hold dear that are really not valuable at all? Observe how Life gives you invisible gifts of Love in many different ways throughout your lifetime

Step away from your moral strategies and fears and realize that Life gives you only that which you are willing to give…even when you truly believe that you cannot “afford” to

Want Love with ALL of your Heart

  • Mike
    Posted at 17:48h, 22 June Reply

    Thank you for your patience

  • Sheila Hollowell
    Posted at 07:45h, 23 June Reply

    This is a very helpful post. as a person living in deep grief and inconsolable sorrow over the death of a spouse and the loss of a very harmonious life I have focused on what was the lesson to be learned rather than Insight gained. The common rhetoric one gets when grieving is rebuild your life start over. Which seems rather like being demoted to kindergarten again

  • Vicki
    Posted at 08:10h, 23 June Reply

    Thank you for your loving insights and reminders.

  • Ondrea
    Posted at 08:11h, 23 June Reply

    That song brought back the memory of when I was a child I did not want to play those games. Come to find out that’s all I’m doing. No Love in Mudville!

  • Johnny
    Posted at 10:10h, 23 June Reply

    I can remember listening to this song when I was about ten years old. And listening to it this morning only reminds me that nothing have change. Hum

  • gloria
    Posted at 10:10h, 23 June Reply

    Thank you.

  • Gloria Hughes
    Posted at 15:55h, 23 June Reply

    Thank you ….love ~

  • M
    Posted at 05:11h, 24 June Reply

    Another tap on the shoulder……
    Thank you for your constant Love and compassion

  • Mike
    Posted at 23:17h, 30 January Reply

    Thank you. for the truth and love

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