Releasing Karmic Aggression

Releasing Karmic Aggression

Releasing Karmic Aggression

``Let Love live you.`` ~ Siraj

Somehow humankind has united the word “justice” with its own self-serving concept of “righteousness” and then linked the two delusions to a conclusion that creates the delirium of a “God.”

We are so very ignorant about the Karma of this life, trying to disguise our incomprehension of Truth with a fervent and cleverly positioned morality that makes ourselves and others believe that we are in the “know.” Could it be that this seeming steadfast confidence of being in the “know” is merely the perpetuation of the acts of cruelty themselves in the world? From my state of being the answer is YES.

You see…our psychology, which sustains and preserves the ideal of our self as a “good person,” must constantly be supported by the belief that we “know” what is “good and bad.” If we are not “correct” in this modality we will no longer be credible to others or ourselves. This is why we either have to be either the victor or the victim in any given situation.

By creating this kind of conflict, we sustain a certain abstract duality that causes us nothing but separation from the harmony of Love, which is the flow of Life itself. This becomes another form of Karma in our world through the collective unconscious that all of us are subject to due to our participation in it. This is why cultivating consciousness through meditation and conscious living is so deeply important. But who can remind us of this when vengeance is in our hands toward someone we want to hurt so very much – for what we want to believe they have done to us?

Allow me to share a story…

A Zen master and his attendant were walking back from the Zendo after Zazen one early morning. Not a word was being spoken as they walked. All of a sudden a disgruntled former student of the master jumped out of the bushes and hit the master hard with a stick.

The master got up. He was bleeding from the blow and simply walked on and never looked back at the former student.

The attendant looked at the Master in utter shock and said, “Why do you not say anything to this man?”

The Master said, “I do not want to inflict more injury upon this man. He is misguided and anything I would say to him would only be taken as more offense.”

The Master continued, “I do not want to add shame and guilt to this man’s anger. It would only create pain and sorrow of which this man has enough.”

Then the Master recited a teaching from Chuang Tzu:

“Fishes are born in water, man is born in Tao.

If fishes, born in water, seek the deep shadow of pond and pool, all their needs are satisfied.

If man, born in Tao, sinks into the deep shadow of non-action to forget aggression and concern, he lacks nothing, his life is secure.”

So…upon hearing this story, what does your moral compass tell you? That the Master deserved the blow or that he didn’t? That the man was righteous in the hit or that he was not? That it was the Karma of both men?

All sorts of platitudes can be assumed in all of this. But to make a judgment on either end places our lives far from the “deep shadow” of the pond where “non-action” can allow us to release our karmic aggressions and acts of vengeance. Non-action frees us to experience the Love that has its karmic path as well. This Love, which brings us into deeper states of consciousness, is the very essence of living a meaningful life.

The selflessness of non-action is the courage it takes to rise above revenge…as the Zen Master showed us in this story. He had the courage to suffer the indignity of being hurt without the need for vengeance. This is deeply important.

Everyone who comes before us serves as a karmic receipt, which can open up new doors in our world and our lives for a profound sense of Love. But we must be open and willing to intuit it all through the consciousness we cultivate through our spiritual practice. If we have NOT cultivated any inner flow of Being through insight that only compassion can offer, we will continue our “evil” ways and make for ourselves nothing but more and more difficulties.

“The mind is like a mirror through which you can see infinity; but if you put the blackness of hatred over it, you will see nothing.” ~Yogi Bhajan

Revenge is futile whether it is by my hand or God’s! People have odd ideas of God because they believe God is a man or a He who has a plan for all of us. Not so for me. I find that God is more a rhythm that I must learn to flow with rather than an anthropomorphic caricature of a man dressed in a white robe with a long beard. To do this, I must jettison all of my moral baggage and begin to lighten my load so I can fly.

Do not seek revenge, seek Love…no matter what it might destroy emotionally within you. What will be left is pure beauty. For everything that we accelerate through our actions comes back to us in its original spirit through our lives.

Please read this without the bias of emotion and its philosophy….listen deeply with courage:
Every act that is pronounced from the cache of your Heart becomes the very degree and quality of your life and the many events that will occur within it. You predestine your life to circumstances and occurrences long before you experience them.

Remember just one thing: it is very difficult to build our happiness upon another person’s unhappiness

Work to understand the insight above - drop the sword in your hand and live in a let go that allows you to be free

Follow intuition rather than instinct and take the “deeper” path of non-action

Be attentive to everything in your life, do not discount anything that is before you - everything that is in your life is there to help you to Love

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    Thank you

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    Thank you Greg. ✌️

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    Beautiful teachings Greg, thank you for reminding me the true way to LIFE. Love you much.

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    My gratitude to you once again for your Loving “Tap”.

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    Thank you for pointing the finger, your loving kindness is everything. In gratitude- Sharilyn

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