Who are you?

Who Are You?

God has given you one face, and you make yourself another. ~ William Shakespeare

Who Are You? This question is esoteric in nature and requires a profound sense of third person. To answer this simple question is about a deep form of self-realization. To truly stand back from the egotistical assumptions and aggrandizements that emit from the ego and recognize the question as a matter of consciousness.

Answering this question that can be a very cathartic experience if we are willing to push away the vale of ignorance and indifference and find the core meaning of the question itself. How do we know the “who am I” thing when the “who” keeps changing in contrast to what it believes is happening to the “me” in any given moment. But which “me” are we talking about? There are so many and all based in the confines of any given situation that the “me” might be facing at the moment.

You are nothing but Love with skin on. Live as Love and the rest takes care of itself. ~ Siraj

In the beginning of our life, we can only “learn” who we are based in the environment and the biological relationships we have with people who are our earthly family. But as we grow, the “me” that is family is very different than the “me” that is meeting a stranger for the first time. We are unconsciously split between two camps most of the time. One side of the mind is measuring how willing and how “far” we will go to help while the other side is hoping we don’t get to the point where “enough is enough” and we have to show just how self-serving we are.

We seem to need relationships to know “who we are” as it were. But the question must be asked: “Why can’t we know who we are without people around us? Why must there always be a contrast and why must there be people around in order to not feel lonely…or even afraid?” The human ego is very fragile and is always in need of conflict in order to sustain itself.

Be with this for a moment: if someone were to ask you to show them just “who you are” how would you answer it?

This question is important because it is being asked of each us and every day of our lives. Learning to be authentic in our being, not the ego and its many “faces” of personality and mood, places us in a position where we can learn to live as authentic Love. This allows our Karma to change and our being to be elevated to a place in life where we can be touched by Love rather than mere delusion. At this point, we no longer need to invent ourselves…we can live authentically as Love.

Sit quietly and keep asking yourself: “WHO AM I?”

Move beyond thought and concepts of “self” and really delve into the state of your inner being

You are not what others tell you, you are not what society wants you to be - you are not the result of religion or a pawn to politics

You are not what your families want you to be and you are not what your friends say they “love”

Find out “who” you truly are, what you are all about - it is your life Karma to be aware of all of this, it is deeply important to your well-being

  • Johnny
    Posted at 06:36h, 17 August Reply

    Thank you Greg, this is very much needed.

  • Gloria Hughes
    Posted at 12:27h, 17 August Reply

    Thank you …. love ~

  • Mary Roos
    Posted at 13:17h, 17 August Reply

    My gratitude, dear Siraj for this nudge to keep me on the path.

  • Sangit
    Posted at 19:35h, 17 August Reply

    The question of a lifetime… thank you for your insight and help in how to “watch” this question. Perhaps… it will help us to “live into the answer.”

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