To Tell The Truth

Karma: To Tell the Truth?

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

These questions persist in my life as a teacher: How do I offer the Truth that sets you free without seeming like I am defaming you? How do I offer an insight that will help you to realize the ultimate beauty of your own existence that, at the same time, insults and disrupts the mental prowess that you have based your entire life upon?

It is very difficult for most to realize beyond rationalized thinking that they have become impervious to the truth of themselves and life in general.  When confronted with the fact that they are biased about their thought processes due to their fear of personal and social humiliation, most people stand firm in their own opinions being the truth and righteousness of their lives.

Americans are “consumers” and not much interested in anything else. Hence, their thinking is about only one thing – the next thing that will amuse them or benefit their bank accounts.  They contrive our own truth based in the convolution of fear and their desperate need for affection through gratification. All of this makes them very shallow thinkers.

When I am teaching, I can see that most of my students are trying to figure out how what I am teaching could/might apply to them.  Many  cannot “hear” what I am saying because their minds are used to being constantly entertained and if they are not amused or gratified by what I am teaching, they are simply uninterested. They have difficulty focusing on anything that does not appease their gratifications.

There are certain elements of an authentic spiritual practice that cannot be taught or spoken about, they must be self-realized. ~ Siraj

What are the disciplines that make up an authentic spiritual practice whereby a person no longer lives impervious to their own simplicity? It is coming to the place where “thinking” does not make it so! Where opinions are no longer trumped up as proof of the viability of an idea or even a seeming truth. Where we are willing to realize the mental and emotional content of the mind, no matter how humiliating it may seem, in order to realize it all. Then to truly see how all of this works in our everyday life to bring us nothing but lives lived in fear and rationalized hate the leads to a mind that can only function as obsession.

In order to come to this very delicate place, there are conversations that are deeply important to the inner process of this journey that I just cannot have with people due to their obsessive need to placate the opinions of their own minds telling them they are “right” and that their “righteousness” can never be questioned by themselves or anyone else.

Don’t bite my finger, look where I am pointing.

What I offer is a direct experience of that which lives within as Love through meditation and a lifestyle where the mind and emotions do not get all of our attention in human impulse.  If a person is deeply willful and set in their ways to create sorrow and pain for themselves, they will only bring hell upon their lives and sustain a Karma that will keep them living as they have for so many lifetimes.

One of the reasons that Karma is so deeply important and difficult to “understand” mentally is that it offers us a way to look at our living from the posture of compassion. True compassion reveals the insights that allow us to become aware of Karma and its profound effect upon our lives. Karma offers us a way to live our life in Love, and hence transform our living from being a quasi–universal spiritual grunt that must live out every painful moment of our willful ignorance…into that of an awakened being.

Many in this world are far too estranged from their basic intelligence to be able to listen to or read something that would show them the Way. They are far too arrogant, smart and willful to be able to understand the importance of a life lived in Karma.

I am here to be a bridge to your own inner awakening. But you must walk the path on your own…I cannot do it for you. ~ Siraj

Here is the obvious truth that so many miss in this lifetime: the effort of a lifetime is to let Life live us and not make Life our adversary.  Once we truly realize that Life is Love, with all of its subtleties and nuances, we can then feel the inner posture it takes to achieve a conscious awakening.  It is a loving space of humility that places us in the meekness of being able to hear that which the human “ear” cannot and will not listen to.

First, consider the possibility that everything you might think, say and do has little or nothing to do with an authentic spiritual practice

Then observe what the mind is doing to you as it reflects the emotional DNA that you have given yourself over to

If you sustain this practice of observation for any period of time without blame and shame, you will realize the power of insight

Then you can lovingly and willingly move into the Heart of your authentic being and discover a new way to live in this world

Meditate to awaken the intuition and learn how to listen to words in silence

  • Michael Eidsmoe
    Posted at 23:02h, 29 August Reply

    Just let life be love. Thank you

  • Mary Roos
    Posted at 05:27h, 30 August Reply

    My Gratitude to you for being the constant bridge to the other shore.

  • Pat
    Posted at 04:32h, 31 August Reply

    Let life live me, not make life an adversary.
    That hits a note with me.
    Thank you

  • Johnny
    Posted at 06:02h, 31 August Reply

    Thank you for all that you offer for me to know TRUTH.


  • Vicki
    Posted at 06:34h, 31 August Reply

    Thank you for your time, generosity and loving kindness in your constant effort to find ways to reach each and every one of us. Love to you this day, my dearest teacher.

  • Gloria Hughes
    Posted at 09:54h, 31 August Reply

    Thank you …. love ~

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