Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. ~ The Buddha

We live as a sojourn in this body and in this world. What is happening is bigger than what we can realize through philosophy and religion. We are actually here gathering our elements together in order to become ONE, or to live as ONENESS. Nothing is more important than the inclusiveness that allows for our reunion into oneness. This is why we are in this earthly body. We are here to gather energies of Life into our Being, and to allow this Beingness to guide us beyond fear into the state of Life, which is only Love.

Oneness is living without division and coming to a place where we enter into the actual flow of Life as pure harmony, which then replaces logic and reasoning within us as the measure of our inner sensibility. Oneness is the willingness to give up our private agendas and move deeply into the symmetry of spiritual equanimity. This state of inner stability offers the phenomena of Love.

Love is the breath of Life itself. ~ Siraj

Love is what we are and, when realized, changes our Karma from being incarcerated “in” our Karma to that of realizing true liberation “by” the same Karma. Our life depends upon which side of Karma we choose to live from. If we live “by” our Karma, we live with it in harmony, and hence find the great power of ONENESS. This ONENESS is the total equanimity of living as a state of Beingness.

Inner work is not for everyone. Most people live as the body and mind only, as pure survival in the gracelessness of extreme modalities of human gratification. Watching how humans live and interact with each other, it becomes apparent that most have relinquished the “meaning” of their own lives to the emotional gratifications that they relish. Satisfying the emotions, which are inflamed by fear and hate (unbeknownst to most), becomes their only real measure of living. They search only for outer emotional stimulus and not inward Beingness, which is why the world is so divided and in such spiritual disarray.

The more they fill their ego with the stuff of gratification, the more estranged they become from their Heart. It is only the Heart that gives them the virtue of goodness in this world. To know this Heart is to open up to the blessed state of ONENESS. It is only through this Oneness that they find the authentic virtue of Love.

Most people are mesmerized by their passions and fears, which sustains the collective unconscious as their only guide in this world. ~ Siraj

Oneness is the emptiness that is found in the gaps and pauses between breaths and between thoughts themselves. Oneness is emptiness. Emptiness is the synergy of loving merit.

We suffer because we refuse to live as ONE. When we lose the sense of interaction with the whole of Life itself, we create various states of confusion in fear through what we call “individuality.” This is impermanence running amok within us. But when we can see that personage is division and Love is wholeness, we come to a more intelligent place within that offers loving kindness to everything in our life.

When we surrender to significance, we move into the quality of being beyond intellect that allows us to recognize the presence within. Simple is the essence of the essential. When we replace delusion with SIMPLE, we in turn bring about significance. For the life that we live through Karma,…the essence of significance is more important than “meaning.”

Wise are those who hear the “call” and follow it no matter what fear throws at them. To those of you who can hear the “voice” there will be Life. A Life of pure beauty that answers the quest we are all on whether we know it or not. So go forth and let Love live you at all costs to fear.

Just watch for attention to what is behind your thoughts


Invite the virtue of loving kindness and the merit that will allow you to move on into more powerful life experiences here in this lifetime explains everything through no-thing

  • Mike
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    Thank you

  • sangit
    Posted at 09:02h, 28 September Reply

    A beautiful insight on the state of emptiness and oneness. Thank you for this respite from the collective!

  • Gloria Hughes
    Posted at 10:09h, 28 September Reply

    Thank you ….. love ~

  • Mary Roos
    Posted at 03:06h, 29 September Reply

    A reminder to have no fear in lighting that single candle into Oneness…..
    Thank you

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