Moving Into Conscious Living

Moving Into Conscious Living

Living within the disciplines of an authentic spiritual practice leads to ultimate freedom.” ~ Siraj

The word CONSCIOUS means to become awake…awake beyond the knowledge of our mind that is always telling us there is nothing more than our body, mind and the physical world that we live in. The issue is that most of us have lived so unconsciously that we don’t realize what our energies are bringing to us through this life we are living. Our life becomes significant when we begin to question the life we have granted ourselves.

The mistake most of us make is believing that the human must be perfected in order to have a conscious life. We want the human to act as the Divine. We are trying to find a way to incorporate our desires and emotional thinking into a spiritual practice that emphasizes No Mind.

Those who have come to the place where they seek an awareness that brings the meaning of life and its living are true followers of Love. A deep devotion to Love must be our focus rather than trying to change or improve the human experience. To become more aware, to awaken – especially at this Christmas time of year when everything is about sentimentality and gratification – we must be willing to realize our Karma.

Karma is here to help us. ~ Siraj

When, through meditation and the intent to recognize the true meaning of life, we come to that sacred place where we realize the Karma we live with…something beautiful can happen!

Through this awakening the “human” does what it does…and the awakened aspect of the life we are blessed with does what it does. They do not have to work together, nor do they have to be enemies. The human and the awakened exist in different dimensions within us all.

We must live with a deep sense of compassion for the part of us that is human without becoming so sympathetic that we fall into the emotions that either shame us or make us a victim. It is very important to understand that we cannot change the human being of us. It will want to act out in so many ways, but we must keep it in check by not saying or doing things to merely appease our emotional nature.

The human of us is only interested in what serves it. Wisdom is about coming to that place where we can reach Love at all costs to what we want. Learning how to become aware and conscious means that we put kindness, Love and forgiveness ahead of everything else in this lifetime.

An authentic spiritual practice leads you to where the ego is of less importance and the Heart becomes everything. ~ Siraj

How we live is very important. So live in the courage to give and forgive. Live to offer everything you have in order to sustain the Heart, not the ego. If you dare to live as Love, you will find the Way is simply a matter of helping and serving others.

At times it will seem unfair and strange. But simply remember that WE ARE SUBJECT TO WHAT WE BECOME. Our “becoming” is based in either Love or fear. We make the choice and we decide what we will do with the life we have. We must live to be courageous enough to bring goodness into our existence by not allow our thoughts and emotions to take us away from the essence of our presence in this lifetime.

Choose wisely, dear ones…

Live simply - the more simple your living, the deeper you move into the clarity that allows for awareness

Practice listening for that still, small voice within that is guiding you toward living a more merciful existence

Learn to listen to what is happening within you, put aside the intellect and sit within your Beingness that is the authentic state of your life, the essence of Love living you

In everything that you do, make the effort to exceed the messages you receive from the emotional nature of your body - the body lives in fear, Love is the absence of fear

  • Gloria Hughes
    Posted at 11:43h, 06 December Reply

    Thank you …… love ~

  • Mary
    Posted at 06:01h, 07 December Reply

    Thank you for this gentle tap to show us the way to Love….

  • Sangit
    Posted at 09:02h, 07 December Reply

    You’re insightful wisdom went straight to my heart. I need to be reminded over and over again my human is not divine… And to choose wisely. Thank you so much for this wonderful holiday message.

  • Mike
    Posted at 08:52h, 08 December Reply

    Choice: Love is freedom. Fear is a prison.
    Thank you.

  • Paul kampe
    Posted at 11:17h, 14 December Reply

    Thanks Greg as always☮️

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