the human heart

The Human Heart

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is - infinite. For man has closed himself up 'til he sees all things through narrow chinks of his cavern. ~ William Blake

The human heart – what exactly is it?
We have all experienced the exhilaration of human emotion for both the seeming “joy” and the “sorrow” that we encounter in the course of our lifetime. It quite frankly defines most of our lives and becomes the temperament, disposition and motivation of our human personality. Emotion arouses the nervous system and create intensity to such a degree that we often find ourselves acting and reacting to interpretations of events from a perspective that does NOT represent the situation’s reality.

Emotion motivates and energizes our behaviors to such a degree that the mind is forced to concede to its demands through intimidation and a constant barrage of strong perceptions that cause us to react from the basic FEAR of some supposed danger. The human heart is all of this and much more. And one thing for sure – the human heart is nothing but the state of FEAR in many forms and colors.

What we must all understand is that emotion is based in FEAR as a matter of our DNA and is seated firmly in the body just behind the solar-plexus. This is why most of us confuse emotion with authentic feeling, as the Heart Chakra is just above the solar–plexus where the real pain originates. Hence, many of us interpret emotional pain as coming from the Heart and therefore believe that we are “heartbroken.”

What is actually happening is that the Heart is being encased in what Jesus called: “hardness of heart,” whereby we become stone cold to authentic feeling and totally engaged in the emotional logic of protection and reckless revenge as our futile attempts to relieve the pain of our human heart. All of this creates huge amounts of Karma in our lifetime and the many to come.

Seeking to control our emotions through denial of them is absolute futility. ~ Siraj

We cannot deny their existence nor can we take away their affect upon our body and unconscious mind. They are NOT controllable as they are the basis of our instinct for social, political and earthly survival. They are the animal part of us and are inherited when taking on a human body. However, we can change our relationship with them. This is the essence of true intelligence.

Most of us use emotion to determine what we will and will not do in order to achieve some desired (emotional) result. We live our entire life around and from emotions using them as a way to gather information from the exterior world and maturate it through emotions in order to come to the place where we think we “know” most anything.

Some even believe that emotion is intuition…it is NOT intuition! Emotion can be used as a conduit to intuition, but emotions are not intuition itself. Herein lies the problem. The proper use of emotions is to allow them to bring us to the intelligent emergence of authentic mind (no-mind) and the feel of Love (utter mercy) that, when combined together through an authentic spiritual practice, creates a “new person” within us. One that is more compassionate and deeply insightful. Few in this world have any interest in moving in this direction.

I still miss those I loved who are no longer with me, but I find I am grateful for having loved them. The gratitude has finally conquered the loss. ~ Rita Mae Brown

It is easy to see how the human heart seem be “broken” due to our basic misuse of it. The human heart can never heal, as we like to believe it can. Emotionally, we merely replace a new emotion (hope) for the emotion that was “damaged” and call it “healed.” In truth, our human heart (emotion) can never be “healed” because it is always interpreting love as emotion. Hence, it creates a vicious circle of gratification followed by disappointment.

We must be willing to recognize what is really going on in situations where the “heart” seems “broken.” It is  due to expecting emotions to give us what they are incapable of offering – authentic Love through mercy. The hurt is not what someone has done to us that seems to have “broken” our heart. Rather it is that the mechanism we use for love, pure emotion, that is faulty by nature. It is only through inner evolution, which most people resist till the day they die, that we overcome all of this. It is about seeing the futility of our own emotional ways and coming to the place, as Jesus stated in his Beatitudes, where we achieve the “poor in spirit” mentality.

Living in gratitude unites us with the 'other shore.' ~ Siraj

Yes, it is only in gratitude that we find that emotional “loss” is actually here to help us realize the ineptness of emotion as the FEEL of our life. When one is willing to enter into an authentic transformational practice they truly realize how to be transformed through Love. A Love that is not tarnished by emotions, but allows emotion to be the conduit to the powerful essence of intuition is a whole new lifestyle that affects a profound change in our living.

Authentic gratitude has nothing to do with emotions. Gratitude is the presence of the prevailing, which is simply the state of Love within us that exists beyond all emotions. To place our life in the mercy of this all prevailing energy is what real living and Loving is all about.

In gratitude we conquer the “loss” of anything in our life. Through gratitude we transform into a state of Love where we can realize our Karma and see that we are here in this world to realize the Truth that will set us free.

Drop what you believe is “good” - fast from the ideals of what you believe is “good” in your life

Grow where you find yourself and let there be a transformation

Let everything come and go, in and out of your life with a sense of gratitude

Listen to the Heart and transcend emotional desire with compassion and mercy

  • Mary Roos
    Posted at 04:01h, 12 April Reply

    In gratitude
    In Love

    Thank you, Siraj for this insight….

  • Michael Eidsmoe
    Posted at 05:22h, 12 April Reply

    Fast from fear. Be grateful for all that comes and goes .
    Thank you

  • Johnny
    Posted at 05:55h, 12 April Reply

    Thank you for sharing that which has been neglected for many lifetimes.
    In all thou making, make LOVE possible. Thank you Greg.

  • Vicki
    Posted at 08:10h, 12 April Reply

    Allowing mercy and gratitude in our life for whatever comes our way seems to be the fertile ground to connect with our intuition. Thank you for being in my life.

  • Gloria Hughes
    Posted at 11:50h, 12 April Reply

    Thank you love ~

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