Are You Significant

Are You Significant?

It seems that although we thought ourselves permanent, we are not. Although we thought ourselves settled, we are not. Although we thought we would last forever, we will not. ~ Buddha

What do you find SIGNIFICANT in your life?
Are you waiting for life to become significant or to reveal to you some sort of event or quality that is worthy of your attentions? How and why do we find our life, which is pure Loving energy, filled with such mundaneness? In this life there are tasks that look monotonous to the mind and uneventful to the emotions, which require a great deal of maintenance through passion of all sorts…including outbursts of seeming justified hate and anger or the emotional thrill of some sort of “accomplishment” we can revere in our ego. I know people who have what many would call everything “in this world” to live for and yet cannot find a reason to live one more moment. Why? THEY DO NOT SEEK THE SIGNIFICANT WITHIN THE SEEMING MINUTE.

We find little or no meaning in our lives due to the fact that our emotional aperture is very small caused by a life being lived from nothing but emotional indulgence, which is how we hide our fear of inferiority. This emotional indulgence has to do with “happy” and “unhappy” states of emotion imprinted upon the unconscious mind through a lifetime of living from emotional “ups” and “downs” like a runaway stagecoach with a team of very powerful horses.

Many of us suffer from emotional deregulation due to early psychological traumas or chronic maltreatment from childhood that were inflicted by our parents in effort to “control” our emotional behaviors. Our parent’s disinterest and/or inability to nurture us from infancy to age seven permeates the entire lifetime as the only “feeling” we may have.

Many people both blame and denounce their childhood as being the cause for their emotional dysfunctions, but this is only a symptom of the real issue. ~ Siraj

This happens due to ignorance, indifference and fear of something different…even if the difference proves to be more Loving than what we have experienced before in our lives.

We must learn how to nurture ourselves…not through the “self,” but through meditation and learning how to enter into the various Chakras that open up new vistas of energy far beyond mere emotion. Following are some steps you can take to help yourself find significance.

Regular Catharsis is essential for the well-being of our relationship with the body and the very essence of ourselves as a spiritual being. ~ Siraj


For most people, including myself, it must be done every day. I offer seven forms of Catharsis Meditations, each serving to exfoliate and release, through various forms of breath work, the affects of the unconscious mind and its repression through fear and inner “moral” conflicts.

The process of Catharsis reveals how many fears are incorporated into our basic psychology and how these fears interact with our mental conditioning, which makes fear and hate appear to be essential to our identity and our safety. Authentic Catharsis allows us to realize the passive aggressive nature of the unconscious mind and how it plays out in creating a persona that then becomes the catalyst for many impulsive, obsessive and destructive patterns of emotional energy.

Forgiveness is significance in the highest form of spiritual awareness as it restores our life back to the wholeness of living in the order of Love. ~ Siraj


To hate or act out in anger breaks the flow of Love and creates a chain of inner events where emotions take over and directly affect the conscious mind to act and react irrationally. These behaviors are triggered by childhood traumas that are still playing out within the perimeters of our body and unconscious mind. Our unconscious mind is festering and boiling within us as a cauldron of hate seeking to lash out at anyone at any time for whatever “evidence” the ego invents. The human mind is then used to “rationalize” this anger through self righteousness.

The antidote for all of this is LIFESTYLE. How we live in our day-to-day moments in the utter significance of Love is the restoration of not only our life, but also how we live in proportion to the humankind itself. When our attentions are spiritually inclined rather than emotionally indentured to hate we find that the breath pattern of our daily life is more conscious than before and its significance is more influential to our energies. This creates a new form of inner sensibility inclined toward emulating an energy pattern from the Heart Chakra up to the Third Eye producing insight that the human mind cannot correlate as logical or even rational.

Living a lifestyle of forgiveness means that we do not cling to any emotion that the ego promotes as “comfortable” or essential to our “safety.” In this lifestyle we live in a “LET GO” that promotes the significance of no longer allowing the body to make decisions for us based on its memory of the past or its emotional hope for the future. Everything is allowed to rise and fall naturally in each moment with nothing to cling to emotionally or mentally…so the psychology falls away and we are left with utter CLARITY, which is true significance.

To find yourself as the essence of the SPIRITUAL is the very meaning of a lifetime. ~ Siraj


This essential essence of the Spiritual cannot be conjured up by the ego to sublimate its profound fear of suffering and eventual death. The ego holds posture and garners attention within us only when its influences have reached a place where we can acknowledge and believe in its fear of death. This occurs through a lifetime lived for gratification. Every time I gratify my ego through ambition, pride, jealousy, vengeance, hate and fear, I give the ego more power to have influence over me.

This is where DISCIPLINE comes in. Most of us do not care for the word because we don’t understand its true meaning. To most of us the word discipline means “to stop doing things that gratify.” This is not the real meaning of discipline. True discipline is NOT DOING THOSE THINGS THAT HURT YOU. So when we gratify our ego through making our lives the sum and substance of “comfort,” we can know that we have fallen into another emotional pattern of the ego and must simply stop doing those things that harm us.

To achieve this we must move from moment to moment in the conscious awareness that we are seeking to break the chains of our attachment to the ego and move “upstream” as Buddha put it so beautifully. Many are not ready or willing to attempt this experience as it is far too risky for the ego that lives within that is bent on avoiding death. But for those who can allow for a moment-to-moment life…a great deal can be achieved and will help humankind at the same time.

The key is what Buddha calls an “undesiring heart,” which means not being led around by our emotions constantly seeking gratification through affection and admiration. To attempt detachment from emotional gratification in a lifetime is honorable unto itself – even if only partially achieved. Finding significance is all about “wanting what is happening now” as we say in Zen.

Life is not here to ``test`` you or ``reward`` you - it is here to reflect what you are doing with the authentic YOU

You must stop seeking your identity in others or in how you compare to others

Authentic SIGNIFICANCE is the blessed moment when you are no longer interested in propping up the ego

Dance in the significance of the Heart that forgives both you and I

  • Michael Eidsmoe
    Posted at 20:06h, 09 May Reply

    Just let go & let love live you.

    Thank you

  • Pat
    Posted at 04:38h, 10 May Reply

    Ok, I get it. Cathart, cathart, cathart.
    Forgive and let go.
    So much for Pat to consume.
    This should keep him busy.

  • Sangit
    Posted at 07:25h, 10 May Reply

    Thank you for your time to share your insight.

  • Gloria Hughes
    Posted at 08:49h, 10 May Reply

    Thank you …. love ~

  • Mary Roos
    Posted at 05:30h, 11 May Reply

    To seek an undesiring heart…
    And let go of ego
    My gratitude to you for your constant Light and this insightful message

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